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DESCRIPTION: This dude just had no rhythm. It was a really weird set of thrusts. To which he continued the weird, uncoordinated and non-rhythmic thrusts.

Drew White: It's kind of the same in norway lol

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Philip Phil: This is similar to Colombia

Grammar Nazi: Well i am Portuguese (born at a colony. but for sure i just gonna go to Brasil if i know there some one or if i go to a touristic place as same if i go to mexico or that kind of country's.

Alex Silcock: I`m Canadian but speak German fluently and lived in Germany for a year. I`m pretty sure Germans have no conversational topics outside of Politics you as a foreigner dont care about and cant vote on and Nazis. They`re everywhere arent they? No, they really aren't.

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Tali Goon: Shalom! I find most of this true about Israeli women but I disagree with her continuing this long in a relationship with a non-jew if she has strong family and originally from Israel. #jewblood haha

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Sofia Baldini: American women of today are feminazis with purple hair, fatties of 2 pounds, gold digging bimbos, cat ladies and single mothers with 4-5 failed marriages collecting alimonies. American women think that femininity is being like Kim Kardashian. The good old white american ladies with manners and attractive natural body (hourglass figure died out in the early 1960s. What about real american women like Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner?

Ali Bangash: Azeri (From Azerbaijan if wondering)

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Deadly Trial: I would disagree with dressing up, men in general don't care and drinking, many of Russians don't drink, there's even huge movements against drinking and smoking, sports and good health is becoming big again as it was in soviet times, drinking became big when soviet union fell.

Brunogasparsc: Na zdorovye is actually Polish an not Russian! In Russia you say Sa zdorovye

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This dude just had no rhythm. It was a really weird set of thrusts. To which he continued the weird, uncoordinated and non-rhythmic thrusts. It was with my ex boyfriend.

He was on top of me and refusing to use his arms to support his upper body, causing him to rest his entire chest weight on me. I kept telling him to prop himself up, but First Time Anal Crying But Strong kept saying his arms were tired. I was basically suffocating. I started wheezing very loudly and needed my emergency inhaler. I was at a party and me and this were getting chummy. We were both drinking but I got more drunk than her.

As the party dies down to our immediate friend, she takes me back to a room and asks if I want a blow job.

I slur out a yes, and she starts going to town. My dick First Time Anal Crying But Strong gushing blood, and she starts freaking out, but I so drunk that I thought it was hilarious. I wrapped my dick in some tissues to stop the bleeding and head back to the living room to show my friends.

After my performance I went to bed in the First Time Anal Crying But Strong room. The girl left crying in shame with all of her friends, so none of my friends got laid, but my were still nice enough to put a band aid on my dick, and give me a towel to use as a blanket. I met a guy on eHarmony. After our second date, we went to his apartment to, basically, get First Time Anal Crying But Strong and have sex.

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I left and First Time Anal Crying But Strong saw her again. She ran into the bathroom and nearly spent there over an hour for embarrassment. We tried again, and it was smooth this time. Practice makes prefect, I guess. Shower sex with an ex. It was uncomfortable, water makes terrible lubricant, and her footing slipped from the side of the tub and she knocked her head on the wall. And First Time Anal Crying But Strong, at that moment, a cop knocks on the window. She freaks and tries to jump off and I take a knee in my freshly drained balls.

So now I got a cop laughing First Time Anal Crying But Strong me, piss in my back seat, and shattered balls. I just remember she went straight to the doctor the next day and got some antibiotics which cleared it up. First Time Anal Crying But Strong a fling a few years back.

Everything was going well then she asked me to cut her. It was a strange request but after some hesitation I agreed to fulfill her odd request. She broke apart First Time Anal Crying But Strong new shaving razor and handed me one of the sharp bars. So we get back to it and she tells me to cut her. Not understanding how this fetish works, I gingerly swipe at her arm and make a little scratch. Annoyed she demands I try again but harder this time.

So I oblige and there is a little paper cut looking slice on her arm. It worked that time, really well. At that moment it was as if someone pulled the Emergency brake on the love train as we both look in shock at her arm seeing the inside sticking out like this. It was at that moment we realized it was time for a shameful trip to the hospital to get stitches.

So that was the night I spent in the ER with blueballs. When I was 19 I met a guy on OkCupid. We talked for a while, we had some stuff in common, favorite bands and movies, etc. He wanted to meet me so I invited him over to my house. We got drunk and had sex on a futon and fell asleep. I thought it was a joke until he pulled up his picture in the sex offender database for the state we live in.

I told him I would not like to enter a serious relationship with him at this time and asked him to please leave my house. I assumed it was some type First Time Anal Crying But Strong birth control…. She wanted me to finish in her mouth so she started blowing me and I was fingering her and I felt it again so I pulled it out and I could smell this rotten egg smell as soon as did.

It was the shell of a boiled egg. Long time friend was looking to become boyfriend. And idk about anyone else but I like to test the car before I buy. For weeks he talked himself up and I finally said sure lets give it a go.

He kissed like an excited Doberman, I kept having to wipe my mouth when he would stop and let me breath from the water boarding I was being tortured with. We get down First Time Anal Crying But Strong the sex against my better judgement. I never returned his calls afterward. Was having sex, she was riding cowgirl with lots of bouncing.

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First Time Anal Crying But Strong of text inbound. So I get home from work one night and I get the text and I am game! Fast forward to her coming over, we are in my room starting to get hot and heavy and when she starts to grab my junk.

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We respect your email sequestration. A assess of the urine before urinalysis could indicate diseases such at the same time as a urinary tract plague, liver crash and one-time systemic diseases, such equally liver dog and blood problems such as hemolysis breakdown of red blood cells.

Cat urine is something with the intention of is cool by lion's share veterinarians so part of an assessment. Feline urine health is examined based on three criteria:. Urine needs just before be analyzed within 2 hours of being unruffled. If composed at parking place refrigerate pending you carry it en route for the veterinarian. Urinalysis before the verifying of your cat's urine is an indicator of several sly diseases furthermore infections including:.

Puss appear in the Urine pyuria: Employed to see feline urinary tract affliction from last diseases.

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