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Cannabinoids Why do Asians and Asian culture look down upon Cannabis so much? I hope this post doesn't come off as aggressive or offensive, but this is a serious question. Why do Asians and Asian countries look down on drug use, particularly Cannabis, so much? I know that not every Asian looks down on smoking cannabis, but for most of them do. If you notice, Asian countries have very strict laws on Cannabis while Western countries Pantyhose weed asian relaxed laws about it not all, but most.

I am sure those with Asian parents on here can safely say that their parents might disown them if they smoke. I find it really frustrating and silly because Asian countries love to drink and we all know that alcohol being legal while Cannabis is not is very silly because of the medical and violent issues associated with alcohol. This also hits home for me on a personal level, hence why I am making this post. My girlfriend and I got along great, but we did not see eye to eye on drug use.

Her and her country as well as other Asian countries look down greatly on those who partake in recreational drug use, particularly Cannabis. I don't know, that is why I am asking on here to maybe get an answer from some Asians or those that know Asian history.

It is frustrating that I lost my relationship because of a video of with only views but I guess it was just not meant to be.

I had to really conceal my drug use from her. I use to be a heavy user opiates and cannabis mostly but I just smoke occasionally now. So if you all can give me an idea on why Asian and Asian countries look down on weed so much, that would be great. The short answer is it's not just cannabis, it's all drugs, and it's because the Brits needed to find something, anything, the Chinese would be willing trade all that sweet sweat tea for.

The Chinese treated all foreign made goods as inferior, and so they had no value in the tea exchange, BUT the British did find one thing the Chinese people seemed to like, even if the government was crazy about it: And thus the Opium Wars. The Chinese Government's response to it's own people was as severe as it's response to the British.

This sort of attitude has continued to perpetuate, meaning that consumers of drugs are "bad" and helping destroy China. Very, although China is a particularly unique case. They have years of unbroken history. Even when "conquered" it was such a Pantyhose weed asian area to control that the only way to run the place was the way the Chinese had done it.

So even the rare occasions it was "conquered" it was basically business as usual, culturally and socially, even politically, except for adding an an additional layer of graft and bureaucrats on the top. How they responded to the West when the colonials showed up was a direct result of their previous When the tribute mission was complete, the Chinese dismantled this impressive naval force. When the British showed up in force, after commerce had failed to secure the tea they coveted, the Chinese simply couldn't comprehend that the foreign barbarians had superior Naval technology shallower drafts on boats allowed the Brits to maneuver behind fixed Chinese defensive emplacements; the Chinese boats couldn't get behind them, why would an inferior society have such Pantyhose weed asian Even more fascinating, the Chinese accounts at the time simply would not admit how the defeats went down, and so they are filled with reports of Chinese soldiers deserting their glorious leadership in a time of need, causing their defeat, not a superior foreign invader.

The class that got me started on all this stuff, "China, the West and Hong Kong" was taught by a brilliant professor, and his influence from this class which had about 8 people in it, so it had a really tight-knot and intense rubric is where most of this analysis comes from, so I'm totally open to being corrected or considering alternative explanations, but I found the information persuasive when I received it.

It jived with what I already knew about Asian and Chinese culture, and has continue to jive when I talk history with Asian and Chinese Americans. After that class, which was early on in my "major specific" classes, the subject became a focus for me in selecting more classes for my major.

It helped that I was waiting tables at a Chinese restaurant and wanted to know why my boss was the way he was: It seems like the kind of thing the communists who fought against Kai-shek's troops and Pantyhose weed asian won would despise without understanding and use as a good excuse to search anything they liked. So of course they're going to demonize drugs and drug users. They also, like most governments including Asian governments, have an "obligation" to ban these things because they are signatories to the two major UN drug control treaties.

It's an easy political move and the government's control over society is quite real there. And how did this spread to japan? I have japanese friends and they are even judgmental about cigs. Pantyhose weed asian really interesting, I always got the impression that the japanese were pretty heavy smokers.

Maybe that was just the older generations? Same way all the Chinese stuff spread to Japan. I'm Pantyhose weed asian there's a slightly different course to plot, but the anti-West tendencies China had were a by-product of cultural attitudes that were thousands of years old by the time Colonial Europe got there.

Those same attitudes were already part-and-parcel of any other nation was either intentionally or unintentionally imitating Chinese culture. I'm asian, and my dad knows I smoke and he fucking hates it. He treats it as a hard drug. I told him it's Pantyhose weed asian chill I ain't fucking with meth but he don't give a fuck. But damn, have you been to raves, bunch of asians strung out on drugs. Asians keep it lowkey and a secret, they don't Pantyhose weed asian to hurt their image.

But us asians love to drink a lot Cannabis wasn't banned in Asian countries until after the US did it, and they used similar propaganda tactics. They are a few decades behind us socially in regards to drug use.

They also dealt with and lived through the opium wars which has certainly increased their stigma of drugs overall in general. It's Pantyhose weed asian about work ethic or aping the Americans or anything like that.

It's because China was crippled and exploited when a huge percentage of their population got addicted to opium and basically wasted away in opium dens while their country was colonized and overrun. When they tried to ban opium, the brits started a WAR to ensure they could keep dealing addictive drugs to the Chinese.

To my knowledge, Chinese doesn't have a rich vocabulary to describe drugs, so many Chinese aren't aware of the difference between opium and marijuana, thus they think MJ is addictive, dangerous, Pantyhose weed asian. Because of the Americans.

Cannabis is not illegal in North Korea because there are no americans there to tell them what to do with their life. Cannabis is not legal in North Korea http: There is a very strong work ethic in the Asian community. Cannabis smoking tends to make you more passive, relaxed, and less likely to do something idiotic - like going to work. Pantyhose weed asian those regular prices in Alaska or is it a lot more expensive now that it's legal?

Also pretty stupid she broke up with you for this, I mean it's not like you are using in this video, you're just reviewing the store and what they sell. Your relationship probably wouldn't Pantyhose weed asian worked out in the long run. In Chicago, it's the same price for a Pantyhose weed asian. Alaska is more remote and therefore more expensive.

I think the prices will go down eventually. I have done research and asked around in my area. Everyone pays this price, unless you have a really good hookup. I live in Chicago and no one I know pays this much.

You need a better hookup. At the store it costs this much although we don't have state sales tax, the cannabis is taxed. Modern mainstream Asian culture might, but it's always been an ancient secret of Kung Fu practitioners and Yogi's. There's an actual water pipe weapon form in Shaolin Kung Fu. Don't ever look towards mainstream culture to sanction your communion with the plants, it's your birthright!

Wow I can't believe I'm still seeing racist jokes made offhand like this and at time of comment Pantyhose weed asian are 60 upvotes. He's not saying Asians are genetically inferior or anything. Not everyone is a lifetime member of the PC party. I'm asking why do Asian Pantyhose weed asian have to be a joke when Asian eye shapes "squinty" are made to feel less desirable to larger, round eye shapes that are not common to Asian people in society.

So when you're high, your humor gets reduced to shitty, ignorant, offensive jokes? That's soooo shitty for you, dude. I'm Asian American and a pothead but when I smoke it doesn't makes me think of shitty, ignorant, offensive jokes. Maybe you're smoking meth????????? Strive for smarter personal humor so we can elevate the Internet ourselves instead of perpetuating the problem.

Yeah, when microaggressions like casual racist jokes like this are made against my race, it is hard to be me. Harder than a white man for sure. Depends on what part of Asia your talking about, that's a really big generalization to make.

I'm assuming you're talking about east asian and with that Pantyhose weed asian think it's most likely a cultural thing. Thailand has weed pizza and India has a cannabis brewed drink with high THC content. Thailand also locks your ass up for a few years if they catch you with drugs.

It's definitely not relaxed there. And korea is kind Pantyhose weed asian the same thing where the US military had a lot to do with policy in the country and korea kinda hates japan because of ww2 anyway.

Leafly operates in compliance among state laws regarding read to cannabis. If you keep seeing this era prompt whenever you stay at Leafly. After repeated rumors that this strain suffered extinction thanks to a secretive breeder, enough sightings occur regularly to make safe that while rare, the Asian Fantasy strain does still exist.

Its inheritance, however, remain a ambiguousness. The flowers emit a sweet and sour delicate scent while the taste has a healthy dose of spice. I was intelligent to stay attentive next didn't fall asleep in favour of once. The downside destined for me was the ruby eyes. So red I could hardly see a few white and they felt like they were in fact going to pop missing of my head, stillness enjoyed it though.

Trivial weed for chilling. Are you eligible to pop in Leafly. I am by least 21 years aged or a valid medicinal marijuana patient and fall in with to the Terms of Use.

What To Talk About On An Online Hookup Site How To Have A Successful Long Distance Relationship Pantyhose weed asian 107 Women who love to masturbate pics and vidieos It seems like the kind of thing the communists who fought against Kai-shek's troops and eventually won would despise without understanding and use as a good excuse Pantyhose weed asian search anything they liked. At the store it costs this much although we don't have state sales tax, the cannabis is taxed. If you notice, Asian countries have very strict Pantyhose weed asian on Cannabis while Western countries have relaxed laws about it not Pantyhose weed asian, but most. Cannabis is not illegal in North Korea because there are no americans there to tell them what to do with their life. Leafly operates in compliance with state laws regarding access to cannabis. Gangbang homepage free clips Hot College Girls Nude Videos

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How do you feel when you are (over) analysed by Her? 5 Feb Asian Fantasy is a % pure sativa strain that is often praised as "The Holy Grail" of cannabis with a THC level ranging from % on average. However, this is false – Asian Fantasy is alive and well! Users have described the Asian Fantasy high as a "Mini Burning Man. Chat with live cams girls on! NSFW - Uncensored chat & adult webcams..

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