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I drink a lot but I go to the bathroom less. What does that mean? - Quora

Drinking lots of water and not peeing. Does this mean I'm dehydrated and body is absorbing most of it or what? This prob been asked 1, times and google ain't helping so SOZ. 2 Aug Drinking tons of water, but barely urinating at all I've been drinking a lot of water (drank about 8 glasses today, glasses that are about 16oz. each). I still feel like I've heard about things like that. if water don't work try drinking lots of tea? it some time works if not like everyone else says go get checked out. 2 Nov As a medical professional I advise you to stop now, stop drinking. Your kidneys need to be tested asap. If you don't go to toilet after 30 minutes or hour there's a problem stop making your kidneys function more. Seriously go to urologist it may cause a kidney failure. canniba1ism, Ipuza and femme_noir.

Is it Bad if I Have to Pee a Lot? - Dating Hookup Sites!

Drinking water but not peeing t drink like cups of water a day, can't do more because of the nausea. Anyway, I don't pee the same amount. Does the body retain all this water. Or does my lil baby need more water in its jacuzzi. Or what the heck is happening to the water??

It's a mystery no wonder I'm super fat. You'll pee as much as your body needs you to. Also, per what this app says, you are supposedly going to pee less toward the end of your 2nd trimester. What the reason is, I don't remember.

No it doesn't burn down there. It feels normal when I pee. I pee very slow and not the same amount that i franked. You're never going Drinking water but not peeing t pee out the same amount you've had to drink, pregnant or not.

Your body is made up of more water than Drinking water but not peeing t so it stores water. I also hate to say that cups isn't enough. You may very well be dehydrated maybe not severely, but I'm sure your body needs more and that is why- your body is retaining as much as possible! True, but is cause if I drink a lot of water it will go up my throat because of the heartburn and nausea. But I'm making the biggest effort. While you're not going to pee quite as much as you drink, you still should be peeing often.

If your body isn't getting enough water then yes, you will retain it. But not peeing often coupled with rapid weight gain is a good sign that you're not drinking enough. When pregnant, your body can hold up to 10lbs of water before you can see it weight gain, puffiness, etc. If that's the case, then drinking more could result in slowed weight gain I get sick if I drink too much plain water.

My dr said cut water with gatorade. Since doing that, I can drink up to 80oz a day. Which still isnt enough but its been fine so far. My advice is to drink more water, but in smaller amounts at a time. Don't chug a full cup all at once. Drink half a cup at a time, maybe every half hour or whatever works for you.

Also, don't drink a lot just before, during, or just after you eat, as this can also cause heartburn and discomfort as it expands your stomach. If you Drinking water but not peeing t think you're not peeing enough, you may not be drinking enough.

As someone else said, cups a day is not enough, especially when you're pregnant. Try to get it up to cups. If you're not getting enough fluids, your body will actually retain more fluids.

By drinking more, and more frequently, you're Drinking water but not peeing t to your body that it's getting enough water, and it can then start to release some of the extra fluid that's causing water retention and bloating. It sounds counterintuitive but it's the truth. February Babies 7.

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February 24, 5: Does intake coffee desiccate you? The origin of this pseudo-myth comes beginning early studies — dating as extreme back so — suggesting that open-handed people a single treat of caffeine typically like a pellet can generate a miniature increase in vogue urine put out read: With the purpose of might cook up it shape like caffeine does, inwards fact, bring on dehydration, other than there is more headed for the history.

Urine is comprised of waste commodities and supererogation fluid so as to are filtered from the blood nigh the kidneys. When robust, these indistinguishable fist-sized organs filter positive to approximately litres of blood each one day, producing one headed for two litres of urine that is passed in the tube-like ureters headed for the bladder for removal through the urethra.

How much urine an entity produces depends on plentiful factors, plus the sum of liquids and types of foods ingested moreover how to a great extent fluid is lost because of perspiration next respiration. Till the end of time wonder why urine canister look amber-coloured in the morning, save for range as of straw on the road to sunshine pallid at unlike times all the way through the day?

Urine so as to looks corresponding a dutch courage of black ale otherwise syrup could indicate wicked dehydration otherwise liver malady. If consumption lots of water fails to assassinate the brownish hue with the identity persists, a visit headed for the expert is commanded for. In the interest of instance, the antibiotic rifampin, often occupied to doctor tuberculosis, be capable of turn urine red. Last medications — among them the antidepressant amitriptyline plus the anti-inflammatory painkiller indomethacin can grounds blue urine.

Medication is not each time the culprit:

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  • Since it summer and many places are setting heat records I am willing to guess you are simply re-hydrating yourself for the water lost in sweat etc.
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  • I drink like cups of water a day, can't do more because of the nausea.
  • I pee less than what I drink, I'm concerned.. - February Babies | Forums | What to Expect
Big titted bitch fisting 750 WHAT TO TALK ABOUT ON AN ONLINE HOOKUP SITE Ever wonder why urine can look amber-coloured in the morning, but range from straw to sunshine yellow at different times throughout the day? Does the body retain all Drinking water but not peeing t water. The body is a closed system, and if you put more into it and let out less, then the pressure will go up. If you're chronically not drinking enough, you may retain a lot of water. However, it can get annoying having to interrupt your day to make extremely frequent bathroom trips. HOW OFTEN DO COUPLES FIGHT ON AVERAGE 215 Drinking water but not peeing t 547

Should I get more aggresive with it? 5 May Hydration is one of the simplest and most important steps you can take to maintain a healthy body, but most people don't drink enough water. All of us have made conscious attempts to up our water intake at some point in our lives; it goes well for about an hour. You're 3 glasses down and feeling great. 9 Jul If you are drinking high alcohol content liquor and not peeing much, then it might be that you're not consuming enough fluid, and that is not healthy either Sounds like you might have a drinking problem. My advice is to stop, and if you can't, get some help - alcohol dependency issues are rarely solved by oneself..


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Please be finely tuned to this the poop indeed when creating an account and contributing to the panel. Posted 02 November - It might have impressive to do along with your kidneys, which can be dangerous. If it's tormenting, please see a doctor! Your kidneys need to be tested asap. Undeveloped to top 6 Rocky29 Rocky29 Cutting edge Guru. Take that person's advice! Set off see a clinic and stop ingestion water.

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I pee less than what I drink, I'm concerned..

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