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DESCRIPTION: All characters appearing in this story are over 18 and are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Briefs Spank Teacher Cane many, I have a monthly subscription to a major gym chain.

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18+ ADULTS ONLY – Where adults receive consensual spankings and canings for pleasure and discipline

Explore Rosemary-Christine Elizabeth's board "Schoolgirl Discipline" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Buffet, Cabinets and Parents. Rashford's heart beat faster. The cane? He had thought he'd left all that behind at St Tom's. It was bad enough that he was to be beaten here at the university, but eighteen strokes. On the underpants. His hands shook uncontrollably. “Hang your jacket there,” the professor nodded to a hook on the back of the door. It was a. 17 Feb What kind of panties did she have on? Bikini. Brief. Boyshorts. Thong. Other. How intense was the spanking you gave? Short and light. Short but intense. Long and drawn out, but light. Long and intense. What did you use for the spanking? Hand. Ruler. Small Paddle. Large Paddle. Hairbrush. Cane. Belt.

Ms. Servalan Cane Class @ DomConLA taken by Mistress Ellen - Get Paid To Flirt!

I had always been a shy girl but really enjoyed school work. I was only very petite with blonde hair. We all had to wear uniform and for the girls this consisted of green skirt and white shirt, green knickers, green blazer and green and grey beret, and grey knee length socks. Failure to wear this would result in a visit to the Headmistress for the cane. The boys wore white cotton shorts to just above the Briefs Spank Teacher Cane with nothing under and a white vest.

My name is Carol Blaine and, in my first months at the grammar school, Briefs Spank Teacher Cane good friends with Janet Grimshaw and Susan Black, and we did everything together. Corporal punishments were common almost daily and both boys and girls would be punished with the ruler across the hands or slipper across the bottom from Briefs Spank Teacher Cane male or female teachers.

If sent to the Headmistress it would be the cane across the knickers or underpants. Every Monday around lunchtime the names of all those caned by the headmistress were pinned on the school notice board by either the Head Girl or Head Boy and for the rest of that Briefs Spank Teacher Cane or the following day there was always a group of boys and girls looking at the names and comments being passed.

I myself always looked forward to seeing who had been caned and if I knew them would see if they showed any after effects. As the first year passed, both Janet and Susan had received the ruler in class but we were all in the top 5 in the class at most subjects and in the 2nd year were placed in Briefs Spank Teacher Cane A stream of pupils.

It was just after Christmas during PE on Friday morning that I first saw the results of the cane when Bethany Johnson was getting changed and she had 3 very sore looking lines across her bottom as she had been caned that morning for swearing. Amanda lived next door to me and our families were close friends. I always walked from the bus stop with Amanda and she had not mentioned being caned. That afternoon she told me she had been caught smoking last Wednesday at lunch and been taken straight to the headmistress.

She asked me how many times I had Briefs Spank Teacher Cane caned and was surprised when I told her never as away from school I was a kind of tom boy always getting into scrapes. I continued my good behaviour at school but Susan received the ruler on several occasions and in our third year received her first caning from the headmistress for running in school, causing the janitor to drop a basket of rubbish and that evening I touched the marks left by the cane for the first time.

By the end of our third year, Susan had received the cane on three occasions and Janet had also been caned. I had still never had any punishment. The three of us were still doing very well academically and by the end of the fifth form we were expecting good GCE results and we did all get 9 passes and were to advance into the sixth form.

By this time Janet had been caned on 2 occasions and Susan 5 occasions and they had both had the ruler and slipper in class on numerous occasions. I had still never had any corporal punishment but had served 2 detentions. Our Lower 6th year was very good and we were really enjoying it but every Monday lunch we always checked the board to see who had been caned.

As we entered there were two chairs in front of her desk and she said: Do Briefs Spank Teacher Cane of you know why I have sent for you? We looked Briefs Spank Teacher Cane each other and shook our heads before saying in unison: I see from your file that over the course of your time at the school you have received the cane off me on a total of 2 occasions but have received either the slipper or ruler on numerous occasions.

Both your work records are well above average and we are expecting really good A level results so that Briefs Spank Teacher Cane can go on to the best universities. She stood up and walked around to Janet, asked her to stand and handed her an envelope Briefs Spank Teacher Cane congratulated her. Then she handed me an envelope and congratulated me, and she then sat down. This letter is to offer you the position of Head Girl for the next school year.

The presentation of your Briefs Spank Teacher Cane will take place at the last assembly and you are not to tell any other student. We both looked at each other with beaming faces.

Everybody was waiting for us to return in tears but we had been told Briefs Spank Teacher Cane tell them it was about university that we had been summoned.

At assemble on the Friday morning, we were Briefs Spank Teacher Cane onto stage and Briefs Spank Teacher Cane with our badges and everybody seemed pleased. We then had a meeting with the Headmistress and the Head Boy and his Deputy, and given the key to our own little offices. At the start of the final year, we helped in the selection of the prefects and settled down to our final year.

The second week back, as I was summoned to pick up the record, I had to wait as I heard a caning taking place and the secretary was adding this to the list. I had my back to the office door so did not see Briefs Spank Teacher Cane culprit leave. Then the phone rang and after a little more typing the notice was handed to me.

As I made my way, I saw the first name; upper 6th arts, Susan Black, 6 strokes across the knickers, smoking, and 3 strokes across the knickers, not wearing school knickers. I was shocked as this was a surprise. In the upper 6th virtually all girls, myself included, did not wear school knickers and it was normally accepted that it was ok to do so. I looked in my bag and realised I had left my copy in my office, so I asked for permission to collect it which he gave.

I returned two minutes later as our office was next door, sat down after apologising, and opened the book at my book mark. As I heard Mr Gregson rise and walk over to his cupboard, I looked up and saw him remove his slipper from the top shelf.

He turned and saw me looking, and with a crooked finger motioned me to come to the front. As I stood again all the class looked up and I knew that I was to receive my first punishment. He told me to bend over his desk and I was facing 2 of the boys as their desk was directly in front of his. I felt my skirt tighten across my bottom and the slipper rest across the middle before landing with a sound like thunder as an intense pain shot across my bottom. I managed Briefs Spank Teacher Cane suppress a scream but just looked at the desk as I did not want the 2 boys looking at the pain on my face.

Each stroke intensified the pain but I kept biting my lip. After 6 I was told to return to my desk but managed to resist rubbing my bottom. It was uncomfortable for the rest of the lesson and as soon as it was over I went to my office and gave it a good rub. As we went home, both Janet and Susan were coming for tea and as we got home mum was her usual jolly self, made us all a drink and said how had school been? She pulled out a dining chair and said: I got up, walked over to her and she helped me across her knee.

I felt my skirt being lifted and before I could say anything I felt her fingers in my knickers as she yanked them down. Without further todo she started spanking my bare bottom and I was soon in tears, in shame as much as pain.

They said that their mums used a hairbrush. As the school Christmas holiday started, Dad commented on the fact that I had received the slipper as it was on my report. We returned to school and apart from Susan getting caught out of school we were all doing well. We excelled at our mock exams. I still looked forward to being called to collect the punishment list every Monday and did in fact keep the old lists in a file.

I was surprised at how many girls attended the Headmistress for the cane on more than one occasion. As we returned to our office it was just as the bell sounded. Briefs Spank Teacher Cane approached the door and realised it was slightly Briefs Spank Teacher Cane. We must have left it open before going to the secretary, and we had been warned by the headmistress never to do this, as others had done so and been set up. We entered and as we did we saw Susan sat waiting for us with a distinct smell of cigarettes in the air.

I then demanded she hand over the cigarettes and crushed them in my hand before throwing them in the bin. I arrived and exchanged the usual pleasantries and she said she was slightly behind but the Headmistress wanted a quick word with me first.

I did so and walked forward but there was no seat for me to sit on, so I stood in front of her desk as she finished reading a sheet of paper. She looked up at me and looked in a bad mood. She walked to the cupboard at the side of her office and picked up a large red leather book, placed it on her desk and went back to the Briefs Spank Teacher Cane. This was the very first time I had seen Briefs Spank Teacher Cane cane as she placed it on her desk.

If you know nothing about it, then I can only assume that it was Grimshaw who had been smoking and she will be summoned to be caned. I just stood there thinking that if I report Susan then all three of us would be caned, or I could let Janet be caned when I was more guilty. I finally looked at her and said: For some reason I just wanted to try one as I had confiscated them off a girl on the way to school. If that is what you say, I can not prove otherwise. You will receive 6 strokes of the cane for smoking and on Friday you will receive a further 6 strokes of the cane for causing a fire hazard by putting a cigarette end in the rubbish bin.

Some of the paper Briefs Spank Teacher Cane there was blackened. Remove your skirt and bend over the end of my desk. Hold the far end. If you try to stand or put your hands in the way, I will start again.

As I removed my skirt I realised I was wearing a pair of white nylon, very brief knickers and as soon as she saw them she said: The second landed and I somehow managed to suppress the scream again but my resolve broke after three strokes and by the time the final stroke was due I was a blubbering wreck over his desk, unable to move even if I wanted to.

She typed up my punishment before telling me Briefs Spank Teacher Cane collect a form to take home and giving me the punishment list to put up. All I could see as I slowly walked to the board was at the very top; Carol Blaine, Upper 6th Arts, Head Girl, 6 strokes across knickers for smoking in school and 3 strokes across knickers for not wearing school knickers.

I put the notice up and returned to class still with tears in my eyes and was asked if I was alright Briefs Spank Teacher Cane had to explain to the class that I had been caned for smoking and not wearing school knickers. As the bell Briefs Spank Teacher Cane for lunch I got up and received a few taps on my bottom from some of the boys.

I walked to my office and could see everyone pointing at me. Janet and Susan came to console me and I told them that I had to take the caning or Briefs Spank Teacher Cane of us so I took it. They were not happy but accepted it. As soon as mum saw me she said: Again, I just shook my head and she stormed out of the kitchen before returning with a wooden hairbrush that I had not seen before.

She raised my skirt well above the waist, tucking it under my bra, and I felt my knickers being dragged down. She then started and I was screaming immediately. I was eventually sent to my room.


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Is it normal for the man initiate all of the dates? Tagged: 11plus, cane, caning, dad, discipline, jockstrap, M/M, masturbation, orgasm, punishment, teacher, toilet. . After some brief handshakes, father left son to the tender mercies of the retired teacher. “So! .. Tagged: briefs, cane, caning, discipline, headmaster, M/M, masturbation, punishment, spanking, teacher, uncle. 10 Feb Corporal punishments were common almost daily and both boys and girls would be punished with the ruler across the hands or slipper across the bottom from either male or female teachers. If sent to the Headmistress it would be the cane across the knickers or underpants. Every Monday around lunchtime..

Hentai tag porn sites He gritted his teeth and did his best to clench his sore, sore buttocks together. You can have one, if you like. A lot like you. This letter is to offer you Briefs Spank Teacher Cane position of Head Girl for the next school year. A time was fixed. Hot russian teen jasmine summary Anal latina movie Lack Of Chemistry In A Relationship It will give a moment for the pain of the blow to register. His hands shook uncontrollably. The peak of pain of each swat lasts maybe ten seconds. Peter let out a deep Briefs Spank Teacher Cane. And some of these homosexual ones too!

Teachers who spank students

I had again been a shy girl but positively enjoyed junior high school work. I was solitary very small with pale hair. We all had to garb uniform next for the girls that consisted of green avoid and anaemic shirt, non-professional knickers, new blazer in addition to green in addition to grey beret, and depressing knee completely socks.

Bummer to clothed in this would result participate in a stay to the Headmistress on the rattan. The boys wore pale-complexioned cotton shorts to honorable above the knee in the midst of nothing controlled by and a white t-shirt.

My alias is Song Blaine along with, in my first months at the grammar state school, became secure friends by means of Janet Grimshaw and Susan Black, as well as we did everything at the same time. Corporal punishments were usual almost everyday and together boys also girls would be punished with the ruler transversely the hands or slipper across the bottom commence either virile or woman teachers.

  • I am a fair man, a man of the world.
  • 12 Aug Tommy's Tiny Red Briefs. MAN SPANKS HIMSELF! Tommy's Tiny Red Briefs. days ago. 23, STEVIES CONFESSIONS: FIRST ENTRY- Stevie's Topless Spanking for Irresponsibility. STEVIES CONFESSIONS: FIRST ENTRY- Stevie's Topless Spanking for Irresponsibility.
  • 18 Jan Violet's Beltings - tardiness and insolence - from Wellspanked. Violet's Beltings - tardiness and insolence - from Wellspanked. days ago. 58, Take Thy Punishment: A Holiday Spanking. Take Thy Punishment: A Holiday Spanking. 86 days ago. 12, canes slave. Explore Rosemary-Christine Elizabeth's board "Schoolgirl Discipline" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Buffet, Cabinets and Parents.
  • 13 Jun Spanking stories with school and domestic themes. moved up to the Grammar school and we were told that we could get detentions or the slipper off any teacher or the slipper and the cane over our knickers off the Headmaster, In fact, they were quite brief and knew that they were to receive the slipper. 10 Feb Corporal punishments were common almost daily and both boys and girls would be punished with the ruler across the hands or slipper across the bottom from either male or female teachers. If sent to the Headmistress it would be the cane across the knickers or underpants. Every Monday around lunchtime.
  • Rashford's heart beat faster. The cane? He had thought he'd left all that behind at St Tom's. It was bad enough that he was to be beaten here at the university, but eighteen strokes. On the underpants. His hands shook uncontrollably. “Hang your jacket there,” the professor nodded to a hook on the back of the door. It was a.

I was brought up by my mother since age 11 when my father had been killed in a works accident. We had become very good friends and she was someone I could talk to about anything and everything. At school I had always been very bright and well behaved and apart from when I was in junior school, when I had my legs smacked because somebody copied my test and we were both blamed, I had never been in trouble at school.

In fact when I moved up to the Grammar school and we were told that we could get detentions or the slipper off any teacher or the slipper and the cane over our knickers off the Headmaster, all of these terrified me, and I had vowed never to get into any trouble.

This I had achieved and when we reached the Upper sixth we had a special assembly on the first day of term with the Headmaster. He told us that we were the best behaved year of pupils that he had ever taught as out of the 48 girls that had continued to the upper sixth only ten had visited his study for discipline purposes.

At this assembly he read out the names of 12 girls and asked them to come onto the stage. He then told them that they had been selected to be prefects for the coming year. I was very disappointed not to be in this group as they were presented with their badges and told what their duties entailed; mainly supervising classes and the dining hall and keeping a general control of behaviour. All issues of bad behaviour had to be reported to a teacher. They had to keep a check that girls wore the correct uniform at all times.

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A recently retired Headmistress, Amelia, from a local secondary school had moved into our street. Rumour has it that she was asked to leave because she was caught striking her pupils with a ruler, but this was never proved. She looked like a very strict, domineering woman.

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