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About ME: My name is Malinda, 32 years old from Manchester: My favorite movie "Domino (1988 film)" and favorite book about sex "Sadopaideia". I love toys. I am a great fan of traveling. I want it from a man - Sex in the middle of the boring scene of a rom-com. But you ain't gotta be totally muscled either. I am full time working lady, very hot and horny all the time recently broke up with my bf.

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DESCRIPTION: I've done it twice.

Adrenalynn22: The Colombian accent! (Paisa)

Esprever: Thanks for commenting on the video. Let me know if there are any preferences to the topic of the next episode!

Sudha Singh: Swedish girl has no ears wtf

Monkey Man: I hope there will be more videos from Austria!

Hey Rosiiie: Watching these videos I realised that italians, greek and we spanish people have a lot more than I thought ahaha. We're the polar opposites to northern europeans!

Bond 007: I'm a german woman and I just fell in love with this guy. If the video is true, i really need to start dating dutch men ;)

Karim Sido: Cacete. que indiana gata da porra!

Eunice Cheung: The biggest joke is the Maple Leafs winning a Cup.

Kircial: Few women are traditionalist and you find what ever you have on your mind and heart as well.

Megha Kundu: It offends me to hear my accent purely butchered.

Ana Lopes: I speack that

Ginny May: Please do one with Asian men please! >.

Amer A3a2: My husband is French. Nothing in this video reminds me of him being French. In fact, this makes French men look like a total, snob. I mean, spitting out the wine and judging everything non-French. Thank goodness mon copain ces't pas comme ca! (still learning french!)

Saad Mehmood: I still have good friends in Montreal and they are all single and looking. In fact, I have one friend in Montreal who has been alone and single, since I've known him. (over 20 years He is too shy to approach anyone and nobody ever approaches him. He's lonely but what can you do if you're shy? Even internet dating is not working for him. People on internet sites are impossible to deal with.

Riyo Sitompul: I think he was revealing some internal struggles with the traveling photo. Like maybe she's really in to camping? And is not trying to show anything off.

CanelaPro: I love our Canadian french. Sexiest and funniest french accent.

Julia M: I wanna marry the greek girl.

Clin'e A: North American problem. Oh, wow. Sure! :

Barry Alan: Do one about *Georgians*

NERDALHAS TV: Sex first then coffee omg this is nasty !

Luluzinha :3: Why would an Indian woman date a dorky looking cracker like him ?

Kek Mcpepe: At least he is white

Dmwrobinson: This is so true in any angles. Im seeing a half japanese guy and hes almost the same with the character he has shown on the video especially being workaholic. idk I cant stand it sometimes :(

Gracie B.: Aawe, so cute! ;

Damme Franco: Colombian hands down

Haylin AS: Sao Paulo accent sounds the best

Silverfox441: This is an extremely watered down representation of a Northern lass ! In reality, she would've chinned him before long and called him a soppy bastard !

King Bibibear: Their acting was very very good .

Guigamerr: I actually loved Quebec a bit more.

Omar Anton: Woman are equal to men.Period.

Bella's Subway Ride

3 Nov Because when strangers are rude to me, even in non-sexist ways (getting told off in a packed theater for "taking" seats that were empty and not guarded, for instance), I get hot all over and A hand went went right up under my tutu from behind and gave a deliberate handful of my left ass cheek a squeeze. So, it's a crowded train, and there's a feeling like something is touching my ass. No big deal. Probably a purse, right? But that's an annoying, insistent purse wait a second that's not a purse, it's a DUDE CUPPING MY ASS WITH HIS HAND. Just kinda riding along, his hand on my ass like he owns the damn. Innocent Bella gets "ridden" on the subway. Sarah had told them how once, on a crowded subway, a bunch of office-going men had surrounded and then touched, fondled and fingered her to their hearts' content, finally Due to her dress being stretched thin across her ass, it felt like the hands were directly on her skin.

hot gir's legs touched in the car 2 - Sex Hookups Free!

I've done it twice. Been blown and fucked someone and another time was just blown. I've seen other people having sex on the subway, sometimes fully clothed Subway packed hand on ass in the daytime at least 3 or 4 times, but they were all straight people.

I don't even ride the subway very often but with taxis and hotels so expensive in the city these days I guess it might be a good idea to do this more often. This has happened twice to my friend on the F train, both times during rush Subway packed hand on ass. One time, he was pressed up against a very hot guy in a suit.

The guy was behind him, and he grinded his crotch into my friend's ass. My friend came without even having his dick touched. The other time was more hand's on, so to speak. Again, the guy was behind him, and he reached across to jerk off my friend through his pants. I wish this stuff could happen to me. I love being gay in NY.

As much as I loathe Michael Lucas, there's one of his films that features two guys sucking each other off on a train I'm not a NYer so I couldn't tell you which one. You had to buy a second video to get the next chapter. I just love the way women smell on the subway! I love everything about women on the subway! Dude, pussy on the subway is totally awesome! When I was a high school teen in Boston, I played pocket pool myself, jacked off and shot cum in my white briefs while on the streetcar riding home from school now and then.

Posted on Craigslist about my fantasy of feeling a hard cock against my ass during rush hour on the Metro DC. Got a reply from a very hot redheaded daddy and we made a plan to meet on a specific train at a specific time, scope each other out and follow through if we were into each other. Lust at first sight. Hi grinded against me for 8 stations and then followed me home to finish the deed. Not quite "on the subway", but it worked for me.

What happened when "the lights went out" in "Georgia" or DC as the case may be I had sex with an yr old artist on the G train on a Sunday morning. We would stop when the train got Subway packed hand on ass a station, then continue. He acted all jocky and straight himself as he got me hard. It was no coincidence - he really rubbed that ass. It was more like a casual fratboy move than anything.

I was high as a kite and loving it. This last instance I was already in my 40's. Then I had to get off on Park and 33rd yes, moved on up in life! Riding downtown on N train. It was summertime and a good looking guy wearing shorts sits across from me. As he spead his legs, it was very apparent he was commando.

He caught my glance, put his hand down, and pulled out a big thick uncut cock. It was getting harder and harder. There weren't many passengers on the train and they were at the other end of the car.

He got off at 8th St. Gave him my phone number, but he never called. I remember feeling up a guy's cock on a crowded train once and this chick totally knew what we were doing and gave us extremely disapproving looks the whole way. I've lived in NYC for 15 years and I have never seen anyone having sex on the subway, and I take it all the time. The most I have seen is guys with raging hardons in their pants. I must say it does make commute to and from work that much hotter.

There was this one guy, attractive, early 40s waiting on the train platform. I am a bulge hunter of sorts and I noticed his in his jeans right away, while I was waiting. I made sure to get on the same train as him and sat across from him, he was standing. I discreetly kept looking at his bulge and one time he caught me. He sort of smiled and started to discreetly pull on it, adjust it in his pants.

Before he got out at 42nd St. He stood by the door, right by my face and really started to squeeze it and pull on it. He smiled and left. You just never know. People become emboldened by the anonymity of the subway - knowing you'll probably never see this person again.

If you enter the website and leave it up and then restart the link, you will get the videos. If not, the first one is the only on a search of that site for "subway" and the second one is the blond kid in a "train" search. Back in I was a grad student at NYU. I got on the 1 train one hot sweltering day at rush hour.

I was working as an archeologist and was covered in dirt. I probably smelled like a goat. Subway packed hand on ass hot guy in a wife beater was standing next to me. Actually crushed next to me would be the best description. We were both holding the metal bar over our head. His armpit was right in my face. Without thinking, I just licked his armpit.

He looked at me and laughed. We ended up together for a few months so all was good. Weren't you worried one of those conductor guys would do a walk through? I think the second conductor walking through as the train was moving, was going on a lot more back then. The MTA Subway packed hand on ass revolting, it's filthy, smelly etc, so sex on a subway sounds pretty unappealing to me.

In the privacy of a train trip with private cars, sure, but the subway? I think it's such a turn-on for some because you enjoy the danger aspect of getting caught.

R48 - as if everyone on here hasn't licked an armpit. It's not like I licked his ass on the subway. Wish chics were more open with their sexual desire. This is a total fantasy for a straight guy. Imagine some random chic jurkin your pud for you on the train, of suckin you off on the train. Better yet lifting her skert so you can slide it in while crushed together in a crowded car Had a 'frottage buddy' for a while on the F train.

First time was totally by chance; after that, if we saw each other on the platform, he'd get in and stand at the door and I'd get in behind him. I cannot take all the blazin' hot Puerto Rican and Dominican papis on the train with their big floppy dicks swinging in their sweat pants.

I've had so many fantasies that it drives me crazy. Sometimes I strike up a conversation by Subway packed hand on ass them where they Subway packed hand on ass their sneakers or something but I never have the courage to take it to the next level. This week's warm weather sure has gotten me and apparently everyone else horny. Went Subway packed hand on ass the shrink after work yesterday and then got on the uptown 6 at 23 Street around 7 pm.

As the train went uptown, it filled with young hotties in suits, and the car was crowded. I was sitting down and a hot blond in a suit got on at Grand Central stood over me, holding onto the pole. HIS pole was obvious thru the pinstripes, and he was clearly a little drunk. He caught me staring at his bulge right at my eye level, and we smiled Subway packed hand on ass each other.

As the car got more crowded at 51 Street, someone pushed him and he fell forward toward me - I reached up to stop him and my hand hit his cock. Rather than pull back, he grabbed my arm and held my hand there long enough for me Subway packed hand on ass feel his hot cock.

I normally would have gotten off at 59th, but I decided to stay and we rode up to 86th Street together. He gestured for me to follow him and I stood up so we were very close, face to face. He whispered I want to fuck you and I nodded. I followed him off the train, out of the station and to his apartment. We fucked like rabbits until about midnight - he had some food delivered, we ate and fucked some more. I finally left around 2, but I'm seeing him again Friday night, and I don't plan to leave his place until Monday morning.

I guess I'm a prisspot but all I think about on public transport is dirt and bacteria from god knows who or what. I've been getting on the train post-workout in my Old Navy gym shorts with no underwear, and my cock is clearly visible through them.

Do Polish guys find black-polish women attractive? The Tennis Champion The subway train was filling up quickly and I couldn't spot a decent girl to molest, I was already in doubt to find an erotic adventure in the I felt the warmth of his skin through the shirt and the crease between his buttocks through his shorts and I knew, that if I got my hands in his shorts I would soil my. The guy was behind him, and he grinded his crotch into my friend's ass. My friend came without even having his dick touched. The other time was more hand's on, so to speak. Again, the guy was behind him, and he reached across to jerk off my friend through his pants. I wish this stuff could happen to me. So so hot..

All characters in this story are over eighteen years of age. But on the positive side, it was Friday evening! Bella was looking forward to spending a relaxed evening with her girlfriends. Lost in her own thoughts, she waited on the platform for the train to arrive, and when it did, made her way through the crushing crowd into the compartment. Raising her right hand above her head and holding on to the overhead strap, and holding on to her purse which was strapped to her left shoulder with her left hand, she managed to somehow steady herself and waited for the nearly-one-hour subway ride to be over.

As usual, the subway was fully packed. There were people pressing against and crushing her from all sides. At times like these, she missed the sylvan tranquility of the small town where she grew up.

Subway packed hand on ass 189 DATING A LAW STUDENT DURING FINALS He didn't seem to want to stick it into her, he was content just sliding it gently back and forth in the crack, while he stroked her breasts, back and ass. In a Subway packed hand on ass effort to save her dignity, she covered her nipples with her hands. He's got a stunned look on his face and he stumbles out an apology. UnseenMarineJul 16, Her mind reeled, unwilling to register what was happening. Oct 14, Messages: The one in front of her was pressed against her face, the testicles touching her chin and its Subway packed hand on ass spread across her face. How To Deal With Ex Hookup Friend How To Start My Dating Profile Subway packed hand on ass I want mature porn tube SOPHISTICATED MILF DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE CALL 310
  • We quickly realized that one of the most efficient ways to travel from one place to another quickly is the metro, or the subway. It costs the equivalent of You are usually packed into the subway car like sardines. Literally so tight you I was wearing leggings and felt a hand on my butt. At first I thought it was.
  • Stranger Slipped A Hand Under Her Skirt In Crowded Bus - Fuqer Video
  • Sex on the subway
  • 5 Aug It's really crowded in the club, some creep walks by and sticks his hand up my skirt. I slap it off - the hand comes back and tries to worm it's way UNDER my panties. I tell my boyfriend - point out the guy - then go for him myself. The boyfriend gets the guy, and they do the monkey dance man slap and go down on the ground.
  • 3 Nov Because when strangers are rude to me, even in non-sexist ways (getting told off in a packed theater for "taking" seats that were empty and not guarded, for instance), I get hot all over and A hand went went right up under my tutu from behind and gave a deliberate handful of my left ass cheek a squeeze.

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  • Name: Luella
  • Age: 25
  • Heigh: 5'.3"
  • Weight: 55 kg.
  • Drinker: Light drinker
  • Sex position: Sexual slavery (BDSM)

  • Films (about sex): Amore libero - Free Love

About ME: I am a brainy girlie girl with a submissive side. I am not paying for anything. He is in his lover perfect, mid to late forties. If, you are not it any place on my list or thoughts listed.

That page may be minus of date. Save your draft before refreshing that page. Submit any up in the air changes before refreshing that page. Ask New Consideration b questionable Sign In. What should a woman do whilst someone grabs her tub or otherwise touches her inappropriately on a cram full subway? Let me aver you my story by I tell you can you repeat that? I would do: I used to go in sight clubbing quite a oceans.

This is the time 90's, short skirts are in - and I'm dancing with my boyfriend the Christmas before Y2K. It's really crowded all the rage the club, some slither walks by and sticks his hand up my skirt. I tell my boyfriend - point out cold the guy - years ago go for him for myself.

The boyfriend gets the guy, and they act the monkey dance people slap and go swallow on the ground afterwards roll around for a bit.

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