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DESCRIPTION: Be nice, Domination kit mercy no on topic, don't spoil results for 24 hours, adhere to Reddiquette. It's highly recommended you read our full rules. Reading the Overwatch forums it feels like the community wants Mercy to be absolutely dominant over every other hero in the game and won't accept anything else self.

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Mercy - Overwatch Forums

25 May Right now Tracer cant reload without the self heal starting, effectively giving Mercy HP or more against flankers with small clip sizes It makes it extremely hard to finish her off on top of her already easy-to-escape kit with her GA, meaning Mercy might easily heal HP escaping and flying around. Check out No Mercy by KIT on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Learn about Lucio's role in the team and how to best make use of his kit. Get the best from the audio-medic no matter where your matches take you! LittleMenace. +. TheWrongName . Get your Valkyrie online with our course to Mercy, presented by notorious Mercy expert, LittleMenace. Learn how to utilize her kit to its.

OVERWATCH: No Mercy - The Living Tombstone - Yahoo Hookups!

Be nice, stay on topic, don't spoil results for 24 hours, adhere to Reddiquette. It's highly recommended you read our full rules. Reading the Overwatch forums it feels like the community wants Mercy to be absolutely dominant over every other hero in the game and won't accept anything else self. I'm not sure if this is a very vocal minority but It's weird how a common sentiment this is.

Apparently Mercy is only ever fun to play if she gets to absolutely outclass every hero. This might be why Blizzard doesn't listen to other massive complaints, because most people don't understand how to correctly balance a game.

But Blizzard seems to be in a tough spot, because the casual audience really wants meta Mercy forever. Have a read here:. I wouldn't take the official forums too seriously, the people who post on it don't. Because devs respond to feedback there, people get the impression that they can change their minds on things. Posts are more "campaigns" rather than objective discussions. I play Mercy frequently and er Most people just don't say anything when Domination kit mercy no satisfied as opposed to when they're not.

Don't take them too seriously, they've become a bit of a cesspool. That usually is the case for every forum, but yeah. Glad the Devs lurk around both subreddits and the Bnet forums. Increases the feedback they get from Domination kit mercy no parts of the OW playerbase. My theory is that this always happens to official platforms because most people will seek out unofficial platforms that are more suited to their specific interests or just better, leaving behind only the people who for whatever reason don't do that.

So Blizzard forums is like the Internet Explorer of Overwatch discussion. People are focusing too much on the "Mercy mains" angle when the forum attitude is across every hero and matchup. For example, on that forum you regularly see people calling for Symmetra nerfs even though she is invisible in the pro meta and you get reported for playing her in GM. It doesn't make any sense until you see that the people posting the topics are Genji mains.

It is the embodiment of Scissors saying "nerf Rock, Paper is fine". But the Domination kit mercy no example was when dVa got nerfed after tripple tank when she lost a chunk of her armor. Dva mains went nuts there. Seems she is very popular. I do not believe it's what people are saying.

Mercy mains are not a vocal minority. What I believe is the case is that they only play QP, so they have no idea how strong Mercy really is. To them, Mercy is not OP because there is hardly any teamwork in QP so they don't feel like Domination kit mercy no resurrect mechanic is broken to begin with. I have a friend that still believes they nerfed Mercy into the ground when they gave her the cast time for rezzing out of ult. He's exactly the kind of person you're talking about.

I don't blame people for it honestly, she feels fairly weak on an individual level a lot of the time. It's the same thing that makes people think Winston's weak, they can't see the bigger picture and what they're enabling. Their opinions are valid too when it comes to how fun it is to play - just because you don't play competitively doesn't mean you can't have an opinion on hero design. I'd only ask that they'd realize there's more going into the design, and pickrate and winrate at all levels of play should be considered.

Pickrate and winrate at all levels being considered is exactly what the majority of people on this subreddit DONT want. Considering pickrate at all levels is Domination kit mercy no roadhog went from 4 shots to 5. The first highly voted comment in that forum thread that is complaining that the movement penalty during rez is "needlessly punishing" comes from a Mercy main that has QP hours that looks like thisand has never had a rating in competitive according to Overbuff.

Your comment isn't even remotely an exaggeration. That is exactly what's going on here. I don't know what to think anymore. To me rez as a mechanic just ruins so much of the gameplay loop of this game in a competitive environment, but if Mercy is the most played hero and players like this that never even try to take this game seriously are the ones buying the most lootboxes they might not be, but since Blizzard said Mercy was the most played hero even before the rework I would have to guess that's how it is simply by numberswhat does Blizzard do?

All the pros that have an opinion on this don't like Mercy's ult or rez at all, and Blizzard has invested so much into OWL. Who will they listen to?

They can't Domination kit mercy no both clearly. The dedicated casual player clearly wants easy and powerful rez if those hundreds of replies in that thread are anything to go by, and the other doesn't.

So where is this game going long-term? I mean the matches are still cool, but it's just not an interesting watch. Once the wow of the new UI and team colors wears off, you realize it's back to matches revolving around Mercy rez and Mercy ult. I hear this a lot. There are plenty of people who love the game but don't want to deal with the stress of playing comp. I was like that for a couple seasons, and only played comp when I was really sick of qp matchmaking.

There's more to balancing than just how a hero fits into the meta, there's also making it a fun character Domination kit mercy no play and play against. If someone believes they're ruining the fun factor of a hero, I Domination kit mercy no they should voice that, even if they don't know the implications on the meta.

They Domination kit mercy no it back in a nerfed state but it's not nearly as satisfying anymore. It also felt like such a pointless nerf, Domination kit mercy no rez was and is the reason she's a must-pick. All they did was make Mercy less fun even though someone on your team is pretty much forced to play her.

Right, although her movement is part of what makes her unfun to play against; being so hard to shoot that you might as well ignore her is a problem. She was a problem to kill with valk because if you didn't kill her quick she was going to get her rez off. Now you can choose to kill people getting healed without fear of them getting Insta rezzed. She is no longer a main priority that is nearly unkillable.

They removed it because there were a large amount of Mercy mains on the forums complaining about killing themselves accidentally when they would get booped away while holding spacebar by a Winston or a Pharah or a Lucio or anything. Some complained that Mercy players in competitive were "exploiting" this to move very fast, but it was mostly complaints from casual Mercy players about being unable to control it.

I remember reading forum threads for Domination kit mercy no days trying to tell people to just let go of spacebar and they'll stop flying off into the abyss before I gave up and stopped reading feedback, but no one outside of competitive players liked having to think that hard about a simple mechanic, even if it's very fun to use. And so Blizzard completely removed it.

For those that don't remember or didn't get to try it, there was a short period of time recently where your spacebar glide would preserve any momentum you gained while holding it.

This worked very well with Guardian Angel as you could slingshot past teammates and keep your speed up, but you could also get knocked away quickly if something booped you. Casual players really didn't like that last part, so they wanted it removed altogether. Like I'll do placements, maybe a few games here or there but mostly I avoid it like the plague.

Why you might ask? Ultimately when I play a game I am not wanting to be a random assholes stress ball to vent on, so there is basically ZERO incentive for me to play in ranked modes filled with assholes. When you play card games with people in real life you follow the rules and try to have fun because there person is there with you and if a disagreement Domination kit mercy no occur hopefully a third party can settle it and move on with life. With nameless, faceless ranked modes in video games you just get a bunch of assholes who will blame you and everyone in the world for all the problems and ultimately make everything about themselves and just ruin the experience.

Playing QP in overwatch is "fun", I'd even say at times relaxing. Playing "comp" for Domination kit mercy no feels like I need to get my masters in interpersonal therapy to deal with all these bastards. Comp is playing adult pick-up soccer with a few friends and some strangers on the weekend.

People try to have positions. Everyone wants to score but people begrudgingly play defense. Some people even want to play defense. Some people you know are toxic. QP is first graders Domination kit mercy no a ball around and screaming Domination kit mercy no excitement. Not everyone know the rules.

Someone will pick up the ball and run around and everyone will laugh. There is nothing wrong with either. But should the game be balanced around QP even if the majority Domination kit mercy no people play QP? And sometimes someone in comp will just continually kick the ball out of the field and across the street, get defensive when people get mad about it, and Domination kit mercy no "lol are you getting mad about a game?

I'm curious what league you're in. I'm pretty new to the game and got placed in gold. So Domination kit mercy no, comp is playing almost exactly like QP, except it's a lot more toxic. I played about 30 games in comp last season and around half of my games had 4 instalock dps that's with me playing support. I placed in Silver season 2 and worked my way to low diamond by season 4. I usually place plat now and hit low diamond for most of the season. I play a ton. The vast majority of my time is on support, but not mercy.

But I can play all the tanks and tracer, soldier, pharah at close to my support level. Enough to get by at least.

My aim is trash. I get by on my other strengths.

Domination kit mercy no

Be nice, stay on topic, don't spoil results for 24 hours, adhere to Reddiquette. It's highly recommended you read our full rules. Mercy's viability is not due to her lack of an 'E' ability. She's the antithesis of what an FPS character is and what this game is about and that is what I believe people are NOT understanding about her.

She does however, still have hope. The reason Mercy falls behind the other supports is that she's not directly involved in teamfights. Everyone, even the supports are in on the battle that is funneling into the point they're either defending or trying to cap: Lucio is on speedboost and laying down support fire.

Ana is in the backline taking potshots at enemies and topping of the frontline. Zen is sending discords down on key targets and firing down on the enemy front lines. Mercy on the other hand, is using her staff and playing a game of root beer tapper making sure everyone is topped with heals or in hopes that the hero she selects to pocket is utilizing her damage boost to the fullest.

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Domination kit mercy no They can't please both clearly. Seems she is very popular. Which is obviously bonkers, but that's how they reconcile the idea that Mercy is a balanced hero with the fact that she hurts the pickrates of the Domination kit mercy no healers. Granted, I typically roll with a full team of friends, so there's a lot of cooperation. I think she might be the only case out Domination kit mercy no all OW heroes. If I never played competitively how would I be good at thinking in terms of balance? The skill ceiling is how effective a character can be when piloted with infinite skill. Domination kit mercy no 364 FRENCH LICK SPRINGS LINKS 831

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