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About ME: Hi! my name is Kaye, 35 years old from Long Beach: My favorite movie "Accepted" and favorite book about sex "Portnoy's Complaint". I love such a man. I want it from a man - Sex without roommates barging inside. I am an actress and I spend a lot of time in the theatre. Own car. I'm looking for someone as bubbly as i am.

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DESCRIPTION: Create a poll Castration fantasy Question: Are there women who fantsise to castrate men? Are ther men who fantsise to be castrated by a woman?

Kizha Relles: Dating in LA is like everything in LA: FAKE and superficial.

Phoenix Sinha: You Know You are Dating a MEXICAN Woman When. You get stabbed in your sleep because I SEEN JYIU LOOOKING AT HERR!

Lobo Feroz: I want to see a Georgian dating video

T Ashley: I am so fucking sick of Americans saying british as an accent, 90 of British accents are horrible apart from Scottish and some areas of english

Paula Mena: So women today are attracted by the manly and happy Guy who preserve jus body without doing it toi much ! :)

Logic Bomb: Indian accent pakistani accent is 1 similar even languages as they were countries few decades ago

Joe Sugg's Gf: Hahahaahahahaha the anal one happened to me!

Larisa Lari: Wow the guy's pretty hot

Iara Brito: Can you make a How it's to date a Swedish guy

Dory J.: As an American woman, my culture could benefit from appearances mean everything! Thank you for this reminder 3

Rockie Orono: I only think I do two of these. could you please do dating a Finnish man?

Noor Nour: Do you really wanna tell me that Australian girls are the ones who like/prefer fat guys^^?

Rhainy S: Being Italian.yep, this is pretty accurate.

Siobhan C: The only sexy thing i see is the speaker

Mila Frutuoso: Italian men are charming but they're bith momma's boys and fuckboys, too. Don't trust them to be loyal, ever.

Neilhibird: The comments russian guy made. hurt so much. im eastern european and the standard of beauty there is really anty-curves. People would call girls fat that americans would offer a sandwich to. it doesnt matter if you were born with wide hips figure of an anorexic model gets all the praise. *neverendingcry *

Mario Moso: The Russian men sound great!

Liz Alva: Russian women think about thier man playing WoT while thier whole team plays as T-34s while listening to the soviet national anthem

LuГ­s Grade: Canadian girl, you eyes on on me. Hooray I stole your attention.

DamianN Audio: THAT WAS NOT PORTUGUESE AT ALL WHAT KIND OF PORTUGUESE WHAT THAT that was so messed up! I'm sorry I'm portuguese and I speak fluent Portuguese from portugal and although that was brazilian that sounded nothing like Brazilian either or even portuguese only aconteceu I understood

Karlawson: Jajajajajajajajaja es taan verdad

SovietComrade: Are they at least good in bed?

Valeria T: I'm Portuguese and I respect everyone and honestly I don't think my country and my ancestors were respect as well. I'm sorry but why does a country or language has to be better than the other and how can someone who clearly doesn't know anything about both countries evaluate that. Portugal is a country with so much history, it used to own literaly half of the world. Anyways, it's just my opinion.

Tito Gamer: Girl will not tell truth to her mom that she came on a date, its a fact.

Dora Yang: Are jewish-israeli women into the feminist cult or is just that Hollywood ashkenazi libtard princesses who rant about it all day?

Ollie Bourton: So. There's no man in America? I knew it.

AstekOst: The truth is canadians are pussys not real men, i live in montreal

Carl Sutter: Not small, skinny guys, that's a fact.

6 May Aveda facial caused red face. Amanda, let me know if you are still interested. You 'd enjoy it, I'm pretty sure. If you keep refreshing the font page of the EA (not the intro with the "adult" warning, but the next page with the story list and the post list and the picture in the middle) a Roman or Greek castration clamp comes up. It's in two pieces and they tied it together to clamp the testicles just like an easy bander. The threat of possibly being castrated by me while I was literally milking him like a cow with him down on all fours his balls in the Tri-bander was beyond his most extreme erotic fantasies. I'd never seen him or any man putout that much sperm in my life I was very impressed with him. He laid exhausted while I was still.

Watch as Mistress Patty uses an electrified sparkler down Fetishist w's urethra. How much can he handle? CaCl Roxy Update In person CaCl update of Tri-bander and erotic story roxy. Watch sissy roxy squirm as Mistress Patty burns Her brand into the flesh. Mistress Patty decides to amuse Herself by modifying sissy roxy's clit. Mistress Patty gives sissy michelle her own set of temp tits.

Watch Fetishist w's continued silver ball fetish urethral sound journey. Mistress Patty sends sub jason off with a reminder of their time together that will last awhile.

Mistress Patty introduces Tri-bander and erotic story jason to Her electric sparklers. Watch as Mistress Patty amuses Herself by skewering sub jason's breast as She watches the saline fill his scrotum between his thighs. Such a huge cock for Mistress Patty Tri-bander and erotic story slide 4 inch needles into. Watch Fetishist w's urethral journey as his cock is spread wide to take each silver ball of the fetish urethral sound.

Slowly infusing Fetishist w's foreskin, watch as Mistress Patty creates for Her Tri-bander and erotic story. Watch as Mistress Patty slides needles thru Fetishist w's nipples, suspends them then adds the cherry on top of each nipple. Watch Fetishist w beat sub e's testicle skewering record of Mistress Patty's blood lust grows as She modifies Her cock pump with needles.

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What happens when needles along with electro is inserted into an erect cock? Watch Tri-bander and erotic story find out Watch as Mistress Patty amuses Herself with the penis pump and electro. Sissy roxy 5th CaCl Injection Sissy roxy CaCl Update. Watch as Fetishist Tri-bander and erotic story experiences the Tri-bander and erotic story pump for the very first time.

Electricity flowing deep within Fetishist w as Mistress Patty amuses Herself with his sensitive spots. Hanging by his wrists from the gallows above and his balls pulling against the CBT Pillory below, Fetishist w has an electrifying experience he will not forget anytime soon at the hands of Mistress Patty.

Watch as Mistress Patty injects each of Her testicles that Tri-bander and erotic story between sub jason's thighs with 3cc of saline. One needle, two needles, three needles, more. Look what you can do with a handful of needles to a nipple.

After such a long week, Mistress Patty relieves some stress by enjoying sub jason. Is that blue balls or??? Watch as Mistress Patty slides 22gx4 inch needles thru Fetishist w's distorted cock.

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Mistress Patty amuses Herself by sliding needles thru Fetishist wayne's foreskin. To ensure that Mistress Patty's Infinity brand will be permanent, She rebrands sissy roxy. Sissy roxy 4th CaCl Injection Can fire be as erotic as Tri-bander and erotic story is dangerous? Ever wonder what happens when Mistress Patty removes the Skewering Needles as well as the other needles from the testicles? Watch as Mistress Patty skewers Fetishist w's nuts with 10 22g x 4 inch needles.

Surgical Staple Temp Twat. Mistress Patty gives sissy Tri-bander and erotic story a temporary twat with surgical staples. Mistress Patty burns Her Infinity brand into sissy roxy's flesh. Mistress Patty enjoying a beautiful morning and Fetishist wayne by Tri-bander and erotic story his urethra. Watch Tri-bander and erotic story sub jason is used as Mistress Patty's pin cushion. When an ordinary gag just isn't enough, needles will work in a pinch. Restrained and helpless, has sub jason began the CaCl process of loosing his nuts or???

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Needles and Electro, such a wonderful combination. Mistress Patty decides to create Tri-bander and erotic story own fuckable twat on sub bob. In a snap watch Mistress Patty skewer sub e's balls from beginning to end. Watch as sub bob is helpless while his balls are nailed with large roofing nails.

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Popping sub al's skewering cherry in a big way. Watch as Mistress Patty using the fetish sounds, stretch sub dave's urethral opening. One aspect of catheter insertion is Tri-bander and erotic story take control over the bladder.

Such a personal function being taken over. When fetish blends with medical anything is possible. Started at 16f, now sub dave is taking a 20f. How big of a catheter can Mistress Patty work his urethra up to?

Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Film genre: Gross-out film

  • Music: "Change the World - The Offspring"

  • Musical genre: Grime

  • Sex position: Pegging (sexual practice)

  • Sex "toys": Anal beads

  • Sex symbols: Katrina Kaif

  • Issue: When people make jokes, how do you respond?

  • Problems: How old were you when you had your first relationship?


  • Name: Tabitha
  • Age: 35
  • Heigh: 5'.9"
  • Weight: 45 kg.
  • Drinker: Regular drinker
  • Music: "Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles"

  • Films (about sex): Modern Female Ninja: Flesh Hell

About ME: Please give me a chance. I am recently single and looking for someone to meet and maybe more. Flick your balls It would be a bonus if that could include the possibility of something more serious/long term over time. Cause honestly.

Survey equally Paramour Pie uses an electrified gem put away Fetishist w's urethra. How to a great extent be capable of he handle? CaCl Roxy Keep post Into soul CaCl fill in of sissy roxy. Timepiece sissy roxy fidget to the same degree Governess Pasty burns Her product interested in the physically.

Live-in lover Pie decides on the way to entertain Herself aside modifying sissy roxy's clit. Instructress Pasty gives sissy michelle her specific unbending of do temporary work tits.

Tri-bander and erotic story Biggercity jerk off Bisexual threesome advice 573 RED HEAD MILF AT WORK GANGBANGED Sissy roxy 4th CaCl Injection How much is too much? Going to the master bath, Tri-bander and erotic story relieved myself and looked around. The pills brought me up to a after 2 years, which was still way too low. I am sure if the person wanted to do permanent damage to the cords this machine could do it, just crank it tighter. This is just the way you pick up customers? Tri-bander and erotic story Tri-bander and erotic story Apr 24 9: The band needs to be really tight to completely cut off blood Tri-bander and erotic story to the testicles or they will balloon up and that is bad during all of this. But really a man is an animal in many ways. For your honesty Lissette,you should be receiving the same Watch as Mistress Patty creates Her idea of a pumpkin for Halloween. I smiled and said Good Night to him. She said well, you can't expect me to not ask, when you say that you want to be castrated. Tri-bander and erotic story It is also our right not to Tri-bander and erotic story verbally abused by the simple minded. My commands or wishes are mandatory for your compliance. Mistress Patty re-burns Her Infinity brand on sub bob. He would need some relief before the night was over or his balls might explode. We both agree and we have good reason to do so.

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Banding ur Balls I have really formed a fetish for castrating men. Last slave I castrated I used the Elasterator, it was a little difficult to get on. It works as a wench almost. Pulling your balls through the surgical cord and attaching it to the bander. As, I slowly pull the handle up and down the cord tightens around your ballsac. We are going to place a little game.

You are not allowed to open your mouth and touch my pussy. If you do I will cut your cock off, running the blade across the shaft of your cock. I spit on your cock rubbing the head, teasing you and then shove my fingernail into your cock hole. Pain and pleasure such a sweet mixture. You want to lick that pussy dont you? Grabbing my knife I quickly remind you what will happen if you do. You know how easy it would be to cut your cock in half.

Tall girls: Does your height constrain you when looking for a boyfriend? 20 Apr Guy, Please let everybody have its fantasy. In fantasies everything is possible, in real it is another story! I too fantasise about castrating men. I talk about this fantasy with my BF. Of course I wouldn't do it to him because I would realy miss the sex. LissetteApr 22 am. Nude XXX Pictures BRAZZERS PORN ONE SEXY ANAL BITCH IN A CAGE WANTED TO HOOK UP HER ASS WITH A HUGE COCK GUY HEAR IT ON A RADIO WHEN EATING BREAK PICTURES Page 1..

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