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DESCRIPTION: On March 1st, Wikipedia, the online interactive encyclopedia, hit the million-articles mark, with an entry on Jordanhill, a Wikipedia erotic literature online station in suburban Glasgow. Its author, Ewan MacDonald, posted a single sentence about the station at 11 P.

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16 Dec sister projects: Wikipedia article, Commons category. A listing of works widely held to be sexually titillating, and often written expressly for that purpose. A winged and skeletal representation of Death stands behind a nude woman. Death and the Standing Nude by Barthel Beham. “A series of erotic literature web novels by Bluedragon. It follows the growth of a year-old An Ordinary Sex Life · “An erotic fantasy novella written for the Usenet newsgroup sportlinks.infos by an author using The Pilfered Princess · “ Tales of MU is an online erotic fiction series. Originally described by the author as an. Burton, who also translated the ancient Sanskrit Indian Kama Sutra from sources other than Sanskrit, which he did not know, and the Arabic erotic guide The of The Arabian Nights and the differences in its translations, see Gregory Frost, “The Arabian Nights: The Tale of the Puzzle of the Tales” (), available online.

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On March 1st, Wikipedia, the online interactive encyclopedia, hit the million-articles mark, with an entry on Jordanhill, a railway station in suburban Glasgow. Its author, Ewan MacDonald, posted a single sentence about the station at 11 P. Apparently, no traditional encyclopedia has ever suspected that someone might wonder about Sudoku or about prostitution in China.

Wikipedia includes fine entries on Kafka and the War of the Spanish Succession, and also a complete guide to the ships of the U. The how-to Wikipedia erotic literature online represent territory that the encyclopedia has not claimed since the eighteenth century. You could cure a toothache or make snowshoes using the original Britannica, of You could also imbibe a lot of prejudice and superstition.

The entry on Woman was just six words: Because there are no physical limits on its size, Wikipedia can aspire to be all-inclusive. It is also perfectly configured to Wikipedia erotic literature online current: Wikipedia, which was launched inis now the seventeenth-most-popular site on the Internet, generating more traffic daily than MSNBC.

The number of visitors has been doubling every four months; the site receives as many as fourteen thousand hits Wikipedia erotic literature online second. Wikipedia functions as a filter for vast amounts of information Wikipedia erotic literature online, and it could be said that Google owes the site for tidying up the neighborhood.

But the search engine is amply repaying its debt: The site has achieved this prominence largely without paid staff or revenue. InWikipedia became a nonprofit organization; it meets most of its budget, of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, with donations, the bulk of them contributions of twenty dollars or Wikipedia erotic literature online. Anyone with Internet access can create a Wikipedia entry or Wikipedia erotic literature online an existing one.

The site currently exists in more than two hundred languages and has hundreds of thousands of contributors around Wikipedia erotic literature online world. Wales is at the forefront of a revolution in knowledge gathering: It is also no more immune to human nature than any other utopian project. Pettiness, idiocy, and vulgarity are regular features of the site.

Nothing about high-minded collaboration guarantees accuracy, and open editing invites abuse. Senators and congressmen have been caught tampering with their entries; the entire House of Representatives has been banned from Wikipedia Wikipedia erotic literature online times. Curiously, though, mob rule has not led to chaos. Wikipedia, which began as an experiment in unfettered democracy, has sprouted policies and procedures. At the same time, the site embodies our newly casual Wikipedia erotic literature online to truth.

When confronted with evidence of errors or bias, Wikipedians invoke a favorite excuse: One day, it may grow up. The encyclopedic impulse dates back more than two thousand years and has rarely balked at national borders.

The quest to catalogue all human knowledge accelerated in the eighteenth century. In the seventeen-seventies, the Germans, champions of thoroughness, began assembling a two-hundred-and-forty-two-volume masterwork. A few decades earlier, Johann Heinrich Zedler, a Leipzig bookseller, had alarmed local competitors when he solicited articles for his Universal-Lexicon. His rivals, fearing that the work Wikipedia erotic literature online put them out of business by rendering all other books obsolete, tried unsuccessfully to sabotage the project.

It took a devious Frenchman, Pierre Bayle, to conceive of an encyclopedia composed solely of errors. Their thirty-five-volume work preached rationalism at the expense of church and state. The more stolid Britannica was born of cross-channel rivalry and an Anglo-Saxon passion for utility.

Wales—who resembles a young Billy Crystal with the neuroses neatly tucked in—recalls the enchantment of pasting in update stickers that cross-referenced older entries to the annual supplements. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in finance and began a Ph. Inhe decided to take a job trading options in Chicago rather than write his dissertation. Four years later, he moved to San Diego, where he used his savings to found an Internet portal. Its audience was mostly men; pornography—videos and blogs—accounted for about a tenth of its revenues.

Meanwhile, Wales was cogitating. The promise of the Internet is free knowledge for everyone, he recalls thinking. How do we make that happen? Wales thought of the essay again in the nineteen-nineties, when he began reading about Wikipedia erotic literature online open-source movement, a group Wikipedia erotic literature online programmers who believed that software should be free Wikipedia erotic literature online distributed in such a way that anyone could modify the code.

The first step was a misstep. InWales hired Larry Sanger, a graduate student in philosophy he had met on a Listserv, to help him create an online general-interest encyclopedia called Nupedia. The idea was to solicit articles from scholars, subject the articles to a seven-step review process, and post them free online. Wales himself tried to compose the entry on Robert Merton and options-pricing theory; after he had Wikipedia erotic literature online a few sentences, he remembered why he had dropped out of graduate school.

It was intimidating; it felt like homework. After a year, Nupedia had only twenty-one articles, on such topics Wikipedia erotic literature online atonality and Herodotus.

In January,Sanger had dinner with a friend, who told him about the wiki, a simple software tool that allows for collaborative writing and editing. Sanger thought that a wiki might attract new contributors to Nupedia. Wales says that using a wiki was his idea. Wales agreed to try it, more or less as a lark.

Under the wiki model that Sanger and Wales adopted, each entry included a history page, which preserves a record of all editing changes. They added a talk page, to allow for discussion of the editorial process—an idea Bayle would have appreciated.

Sanger coined the term Wikipedia, and the site went live on January 15, Two days later, he sent an e-mail to the Nupedia mailing list—about two thousand people. Go there and add a little article. It will take all of five or ten minutes. Within a month, Wikipedia had six hundred articles. After a year, there were twenty thousand.

Wales is fond of Wikipedia erotic literature online a proclamation by Charles Van Doren, who later became an editor at Britannica. Van Doren believed that the traditional encyclopedia was defunct. It had grown by accretion rather than by design; it had sacrificed artful synthesis Wikipedia erotic literature online plodding convention; it looked backward.

In its seminal Western incarnation, the encyclopedia had been a dangerous book. In the nineteen-thirties, H. Wells lamented that, while the world was becoming Wikipedia erotic literature online and moving at increasing speed, the way information was distributed remained old-fashioned and ineffective.

Had the Internet existed in his Wikipedia erotic literature online, Wells might have beaten Wales to the punch. Insofar as Wikipedia has a physical existence, it is in St. Wales, who is married and Wikipedia erotic literature online a five-year-old Wikipedia erotic literature online, says that St.

When I visited the offices in March, the walls Wikipedia erotic literature online bare, the furniture battered. With the addition of a dead plant, the suite could pass for a graduate-student lounge. The real work at Wikipedia takes place not in Florida but on thousands of computer screens across the world. Wikipedians are officially anonymous, contributing to unsigned entries under screen names. They are also predominantly male—about eighty per cent, Wales says—and compulsively social, conversing with each other not only on the talk pages attached to each entry but on Wikipedia-dedicated I.

There are two hundred thousand registered users on the English-language site, of whom about thirty-three hundred—fewer than two per cent—are responsible for seventy per cent of the work. Wodehouse fan who specializes in British peerages leads the featured-article pack, with fifty-eight entries.

Since composing his first piece, on the Panama Canal, inhe has written or edited more than seventy-two thousand articles. There is a Britannica entry for O. One regular on the site Wikipedia erotic literature online a user known as Essjay, who holds a Ph. A tenured professor of religion at a private university, Essjay made his first edit in February, Initially, he contributed to articles in his field—on the penitential rite, transubstantiation, the papal tiara.

Soon he was spending fourteen hours a day on the site, though he was careful to keep his online life a secret from his colleagues and friends. Gradually, Essjay found himself devoting less time to editing and more to correcting errors and removing obscenities from the site. In May, he twice Wikipedia erotic literature online a sentence from the entry on Justin Timberlake asserting that the pop star had lost his home in for failing to pay federal taxes—a statement that Essjay knew to be false.

The incident ended there. Others involve ideological disagreements and escalate into intense edit wars. A number of the disputes on the English-language Wikipedia relate to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to religious issues.

Almost as acrimonious are the battles waged over the entries on Macedonia, Danzig, the Armenian genocide, and Henry Ford. Ethnic feuds die hard: Was Copernicus Polish, German, or Prussian? Some debates may never be resolved: Was the Battle of Borodino a victory for the Russians or for the French?

Is apple pie all-American? The answer, at least for now, is no: Americans did not invent or introduce it Wikipedia erotic literature online the Netherlands. You already plagiarized Santa Claus from our Saint Nicholas.

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Pulling girls at clubs? 8 Dec The Romance of Lust: A classic Victorian erotic novel () by Anonymous · Documentation for the TextInfo template. information about this edition. Sister Projects. sister projects: Wikipedia article. The Romance of Lust, or Early Experiences is a Victorian erotic novel published anonymously in four. Burton, who also translated the ancient Sanskrit Indian Kama Sutra from sources other than Sanskrit, which he did not know, and the Arabic erotic guide The of The Arabian Nights and the differences in its translations, see Gregory Frost, “The Arabian Nights: The Tale of the Puzzle of the Tales” (), available online..

A common feature of the genre is sexual fantasies on such themes as prostitution , orgies , homosexuality , sadomasochism , and many other taboo subjects and fetishes , which may or may not be expressed in explicit language. Despite cultural taboos on such material, circulation of erotic literature was not seen as a major problem before the invention of printing, as the costs of producing individual manuscripts limited distribution to a very small group of readers.

The invention of printing, in the 15th century, brought with it both a greater market and increasing restrictions, like censorship and legal restraints on publication on the grounds of obscenity. Much erotic literature features erotic art , illustrating the text. In ancient Sumer, a whole cycle of poems revolved around the erotic lovemaking between the goddess Inanna and her consort Dumuzid the Shepherd. Many erotic poems have survived from ancient Greece and Rome. The Seven Beauties Persian: This poem is a part of the Nizami's Khamsa.

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HOT NAKED MEN JERKING OFF Squirt bdsm bodage Wikipedia erotic literature online Free hentai shows online Wikipedia erotic literature online Pascal Durand edited it in Wales, in his public speeches, cites the Google test: Sanger is now the director of collaborative projects at the online foundation Digital Universe, where he is helping to Wikipedia erotic literature online a Web-based encyclopedia, a hybrid between a wiki and Wikipedia erotic literature online traditional reference work. This was included, in abbreviated form, in The Potent Ally: The Indian Kama Sutra is one of the world's best-known works of this type. The number of visitors has been doubling every four months; the site receives as many as fourteen thousand hits per second. It first appeared in and was written by one Gordon Grimley, a sometime managing director of Penthouse International.

8 Dec sister projects: Wikipedia article, data item. The Pearl is a collection of erotic tales , rhymes, songs and parodies in magazine form that were published in London between to , when they were forced to shut down by the authorities for publishing rude and obscene literature. The PearlPrinted. 8 Dec The Romance of Lust: A classic Victorian erotic novel () by Anonymous · Documentation for the TextInfo template. information about this edition. Sister Projects. sister projects: Wikipedia article. The Romance of Lust, or Early Experiences is a Victorian erotic novel published anonymously in four. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: Chapters: Erotic comics, Erotic films, Erotic literature, Erotic photography, Erotic television series, Erotic video games, Erotic webcomics, Erotica and pornography websites, Pornography by.

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