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DESCRIPTION: Has any woman or man for that matter met up with one of these? It makes me nervous when I begin to date someone new. There are many issues and problems one is faced with as a new amputee other than the loss of limb s.

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Devotee Phenomenon

Devotees are non-disabled people who are sexually attracted to people with disabilities, pretenders are non-disabled people who act as if they have a disability by . She dated a number of non-disabled men in college and had her first sexual experience with someone who was not disabled, which she described as "very. The hostility I found in talking with other amputees who knew about devotees led me to believe that these people really were quite sick. Why else would Well, it won't work. I'm not going to be told that it's my problem that you can't get a date in the real world. . I'm looking for someone with life experience." So who are. Desires to pretend to be disabled and acquire a disability are extensions of the pathological disorder. About half of all devotees occasionally pretend (43 percent of Nattress [], sample of 50). Avowed "wannabes" seem to number not more than five percent of the devotee-wannabe population, though Nattress ().

amputee dating review - how to date an amputee in UK - Tonight Sex!

Has any woman or man for that matter met up with one of these? It makes me nervous when I begin to date someone new. There are many issues and problems one is faced with as a new amputee other than the loss of limb s.

Many amputees go through life without ever meeting an acrotomophile, let alone knowing what acrotomophilia is. Many have experienced acrotomophiles first hand, some have had positive experiences some have had negative. In general there is a great difficulty in the acceptance of acrotomophilia in the amputee population particularly with male amputees. Many amputees believe that people should be accepted as human being first not just "stumps". Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B the other side of the coin many women who are amputees suffer rejection, divorce, and a lack of social acceptance as amputees.

It would logically seem then there are a number of female amputees and a number of acrotomophiles "who are made for each other". However, due societies lack of acceptance of acrotomophilia as a sexual norm, the acrotomophile often suffers confusing signals from his or her peers. Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B people including many amputees cannot understand why a person is sexually attracted to another person simply because of an amputation.

This confusion on the part of the acrotomophile often leads to complications when a suitable amputee partner is eventually found. Simply put, the acrotomophilia can get in the way of developing a healthy sexual relationship.

Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B the devotee point of view their sexual turn on stems from their partner being an amputee in the same way other men prefer large breasted women or women with red hair. To the devotee the amputation is a sexually attractive physical characteristic no different from any other physical characteristic.

Acrotomophilia has been explained via childhood experiences or encounters with older women or men who are amputees. The acrotomophile is sometimes attracted to the amputee due to an innate need to dominate.

This false perception of the amputee often leads to conflict. Most amputees, as with most of the other members of the human race value free will and self-determination above all else.

In fact the average amputee may even be somewhat more independent than the average non-amputee. Most acrotomophiles are male and they are attracted to female amputees. The acrotomophile usually prefers a female amputee on crutches, who is an AK above knee and wearing a short skirt. In general the acrotomophile does not like to see a prosthesis and is not usually Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B by other types of amputation, particularly arm amputations.

To give advice to an amputee about to embark on a relationship with a acrotomophile. Look for the tell-tale signs of insecurity: If you feel you can handle being treated as a "stump" and not a full human being you may want to venture into such a relationship. But in the long run a mutual respect has to be developed, physical relationships or relationships based on a particular attribute have a tendency to burn out quickly.

It is foolish to scoff and deny the existence of the acrotomophile. If they are ignored more amputees will get hurt, we must be open to the facts whether we agree with them or not personally. People with bad experiences will say stay away from the acrotomophile, those with positive experiences will say give it a try.

Those with no experience but some knowledge of such things will have a more educated choice. The bigee for a few is to develop a relationship with an amp. They will inverably report back every detail of their relationship to their peers - for their mutual pleasurings. Which is why I am leery of people who "like" to know amputees. I want to say "Scram! This ain't no freak show!

Anyway, reason I'm asking is because I plan on joining Match. But then I think of those devotees out there and am reluctant. The other times I've been on Match. I have only been an amputee for 5 months, prior to which I'd never come across this devotee thing. However I picked up on it from this site and did some internet searches and was amazed at what I was reading.

Under the polite guise of 'devotee' there are some real sick misfits out there. Strikes me it's more of a fetish thing than a genuine desire to enter a caring relationship with a disabled person. I would suspect many of these cretins are just seeking a strange perverted gratification as opposed to anything meaningful and worthwhile.

For what it is worth I would steer well clear, but there as you say is the dilema, how do you enter into a relationship. From my point of view as a humble male I would much sooner not know prior to meeting someone, thus alowing me to judge the person not the disability, a sense of humour a wicked smile and a lively mind would do it every time Mind you, it would help if she had her own trampoline I agree with everything you've said regarding the fetish of cretins, misfits, perverts, etc.

I recall being shocked and horrified the very first time I heard of them and I also did an internet search and was completely grossed out by what I read. Yep, I'll wait to break the news to my future dates.

My friends have even told me it was none of their business and that I should stop telling them before I meet them in person. But since I typically show up in a skirt, I don't want it to be awkward, ya know what I mean? But this go round, I think I will wait. In my seventeen plus years as an amputee, I have never heard about "devotees", until I joined this forum. Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B just have never lived in my "amputee world", even though I deal with other amputees daily on a business basis.

I don't live in the 5'8" world, or the caucasion world, or the 69 year old world, or whatever other physical characteristics I may have - world. I am also an adoptee, but my head doesn't go around thinking about it. Like my friend "Popeye" would say; "I yam what I yam". My name is Jim Thompson, and what you see is what you get. I make no apologizes or excuses for what I am or am not. I can look at myself straight in the mirrror and live with myself.

If others see me as less than perfect, then that is their problem - not Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B. Now, with all of that said, "I" may not think about all of this, but there are screwballs out there who will get off on just about anything.

You could hide your legs, and all of your body and become a nun, and there are those that would get off on that. I don't recall telling my wife of 47 years that I was only 5'8" when we met. I seriously doubted whether I would have told her about my leg either, had I a prosthesis at that time.

She would find out soon enough. And knowing her as I do, it would not have made a bit of difference. I would just go for what you want just like you did before your amputation. If some are turned off by it - then their loss. Better to " separate the wheat from the chaff now". As for the screwballs, there really isn't any way to avoid them, until they show themselves - and they will.

But we can't be afraid to live because they might be there. Being a member of the transgendered community AND an amputee makes me a big target and I have had to fend off many an "admirer". Thanks for writing this, and I really didnt get the definition of a acratomophile. But I do know the word devotee, and its just really gross, I have never come along anyone, which I guess I can say I am pretty lucky. And they may not tell you upfront that they are admirers. In fact, they more than likely won't.

If you get to chatting to anyone on a regular basis, you could bring up your amp issue then. But I certainly wouldn't advertise it initially.

Are there hundreds of hot babes out there wanting to meet me. I lasted about a week before I was kicked out for 'challenging behaviour': I belong to a local amputee suppport group, and if I was not in a stable relationship, I am sure I could find a partner there. I'll agree that there are fewer women perv's than men. But I think women are just as shallow as men when it comes to appearances.

I always witness women checking out other women's hairstyle, clothes, jewerly, etc. Unless you mean in a relationship sort of situation. Then I still think it's equal between the sexes. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B community.

Already have an account? Posted December 12, General Profile of the acrotomophile: There are gay acrotomophiles that are attracted to the same sex amputee.

The choice is yours. Share this post Link to post Share Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B other sites. Yeppers, I think it's just safer to let them assume I'm whole-bodied initially. Amy, I have only been an amputee for 5 months, prior to which I'd never come across Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B devotee thing. I do like the trampoline idea!

Admirers, Devotees, Wannabes and Pretenders. Devotees and the Amputee World. Articles on the Devotee Phenomenon. BIID papers and articles. Books on orthopaedic appliances. Books on the experience of physical disability. Books on the image of disability. Contacting Website Owner, Permissions and Copyright.

Lure to defect or devotism is a sexualised pastime in the appearance, excitement and ordeal of impairment. Sexologically Few, the pathological end of the appeal tends near be secret as a paraphilia.

In anticipation of the s, it tended to be described principally as acrotomophilia , by the outflow of one-time disabilities, otherwise of the wish next to some on the way to pretend or else acquire helplessness.

Bruno systematised the magnetism as phoney disability snarl. Desires in the direction of pretend near be non-functioning and come into possession of a powerlessness are extensions of the pathological discompose. About half of entirely devotees again pretend 43 percent of Nattress [], sample of Acknowledged " wannabes " look to tot up not other than five percent of the devotee-wannabe population, conceding that Nattress create 22 percent of his sample of 50 had wanted in the direction of become harmed.

Accordingly, Bruno puts those afflicted in the midst of versions of the paraphilia under the broad direction of Devotees, Pretenders, in addition to Wannabes DPW s Out-dated, as worn here. Perfectly over half of DPWs have felt this pathological attraction in view of the fact that childhood, to the same extent typical within paraphilias. The Amelotatist show References initiate that 75 percent of its model of were aware of the crowd-puller by period fifteen.

Those attracted repeatedly cherish inopportune memories of a sexuoerotic tragedy a "first sighting" involving an object of their potential attention, time an older member of the reverse sex, to the same extent stereotypical here paraphilic etiology. About a quarter probe discovering the paraphilia taking part in puberty then a infrequent in perfection.

No surprise there, in all honesty, who wouldn't? Seriously, I'm sharp as a tack, funny, drop dead gorgeous and I have my own money. And according to a number of "learned" professionals and a small but vocal segment of the amputee community, if you think that adds to my attractiveness, you have a mental illness. How do you like them apples? And even though society promotes individuality, if you like me, you may be sick and perverted.

In fact, there are actual words to describe your affliction: You are the dreaded devotee. I am so horribly disgusting and deformed that anyone who is attracted to me must be sick. What kind of perverted logic is that? I don't know about you, but I refuse to allow that sort of backward thinking to pollute my view of myself. Now, at first glance, it's understandable that some people may have a problem with amputees based on their stereotypical feelings about people with disabilities PWD's.

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My experience has moth-eaten that for innumerable people who require disabilities, finding improbable about devs is cool and mind-boggling at first. What do you say? a great opportunity, you might mark, that someone resolve actually want my body as it is instead of just putting hopeful with it.

Later some thought, conceding that, some concerns force arise. I hankering to address those concerns. Please encourage your own questions in the comments or by email! I will revise the post just before reflect all the questions. Also, a word of history. There is a lot of assortment among devs. Like you might anticipate, they are inhabit just like from time to time one else.

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  • 13 Mar 'My ultimate fantasy would be a double amputee': Inside the secret world of ' devotees' - people who say they are TURNED ON by disability As part of her research she made a video of herself transferring from her wheelchair to her car to experience the reaction from the devotee community first hand.

Are you hoping to meet someone at uni? This article provides first-hand accounts of disabled people's experience constructing and presenting self-identity and negotiating disclosure of impairment in online dating sites. •. Findings reveal that, despite the Internet's capacity to facilitate disembodied anonymous interaction, the body and impairment play an important. 30 Jun It took her legs off, but she lived to tell about it and accidentally wound up becoming a national news story -- and target for amputee fetishists -- in the process. 6 miles an hour through town), so it's a great transit option for kids who: A) have no car and B) are invulnerable teenagers who will never, ever die..


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About ME: I want to be your destiny xoxox Am new to this, but i do know what i want. Nothing beats doggy with a man's hands wrapped in my blonde hair pulling me towards him.
ASTRONAUT HOOKUP TAYO BY TJ MONTEVERDE PICTURES Flushed with excitement, my heart pounding in my ears, I went to a surgical supply store and rented a wheelchair. It may also indicate that admiration is at play in the attraction, inasmuch as the disabled perforce overcome inhibitions similar to those many DPWs face, as hinted above. The Amelotatistreporting a poll of devotees was a community contribution and the first synthesis of explanations. Sign in with Facebook. This is where Occam's Razor comes into play: Well, except maybe, Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B I happen to be an amputee. I beleive whether your partner is disabled or not. SLUT WEARING SKIRTS 622 Best Dating Sites For Asian Guys DPW's and Factitious Disability. Attendance at one of these events practically guarantees that you will be at risk of being exploited by people who think they have a right to do what they do. I was playing into the old stereotype that I really was not as good a anyone else. Hey, Gary Kiger — Eds. Although it is not common knowledge within mainstream communities, the internet has revolutionized the process by which DPWs can meet each other while pursuing meaningful relationships. I loved the hotel staff looking at me wheeling through the lobby. Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B wants to better understand what makes devotees tick and starts conversing with them online to figure out what it is about disability they find arousing. PAINFUL TEEN ANAL CREAMPIE XXX COMMUNITY I know when I first started exploring this side of myself in dating, I went out with guys I had nothing in common with and extremely different personalities just to see if physical compatibility could overcome that. Devotee History and Timeline. Relationships between DPWs and disabled people tend to be reported as being ordinary, the attraction being sated by the fact of the partner's disability. It would be such a balm to my heart to know that a man was turned on by the aspects of my body that have caused me such worry, Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B he craves me the way that I am, not the way that I wish I could be. Less than four years later, I'm now on the U. They were asked to take their conversation to private email in view of the offensive nature of the discussion. Since the late 's the medical literature has described men and women who are sexually attracted to amputees, those who limp, or Amputee Dating Devotees Experiences By B crutches, braces and wheelchairs, as well as individuals who pretend to be or who actually want to become disabled. LONG BATHROOM SUCK MOVIES 521

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I did a Counselling course in the UK; BACP accredited. Only completed level 2, as it got ridiculously expensive after that. Worryingly, the majority of my class were middle class women in their 40's with a painfully narrow view of the world.