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About ME: My name is Elisabeth, 26 years old from Norwalk: My favorite movie "Tum – A Dangerous Obsession" and favorite book about sex "Encyclopedia of Motherhood". I love the feel of a guy cumin in my mouth so that's a must. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Grace Jones! I wanna feel your tongue on my clit.

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DESCRIPTION: How can I get into porno movies?

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Asia Carrera hot sex scene

Asia Carrera. Everyone is always looking for something new. But what about the classics? These hot classic fuck videos are going to make you wonder why you Asia loves to tease. Threesome 2 horny girls one dick asia carrera. Le Sanctuaire - Scene 1. Milf music teacher seduces her sons friend HD. Anal Adventures Of Suzy Super Slut. Asian Sorority Fever 6 - Asia Carrera. Asia Carrera - Fucked On Couch Blowjob Cumshot. Asia Carrera Loves Sex. Asia Carrera In Younger Years Being Fucked Good. Leena, Asia Carrera, Tom Byron In Classic Xxx Scene. Asia Carrera-planet Of The Babes. Asia Carrera First Anal . Interracial sex with porn star Asia Carrera looks like the best time ever! Her flexibility during the cunnilingus and missionary position sex is amazing. She must do hot yoga! The hottest position they fuck in is doggy style though, showing off her ass and tits in their glory!.

How can I get into porno movies? This is one fantasy that's better left as a fantasy. There's a reason why you always see the same guys over and over in every movie. It's because there are very, Asia carrera interracial scene few guys who can perform on command under the demanding, grueling circumstances of shooting a movie. They're giving you nasty looks while you're trying to get hard in the freezing cold, buck naked, on your aching knees on the cold metal hood of a car.

The girl, who isn't even very attractive close up, is off set with her boyfriend, smoking a cigarette until you're ready. Asia carrera interracial scene wanking in the cold with an audience of 15 impatient guys, knowing that if you don't get hard, word will spread instantly that you are not reliable.

And if you don't come on cue, forcing them to reshoot the scene, you will never be hired again. Directors can't afford delays or failed scenes - so they simply refuse to hire new guys. The way to get around this is by bringing a hot new girl with you, and saying she'll only work with you. Fresh meat is worth its weight in gold around here. Do porn guys really have bigger dicks? Some of the guys do have monster weenies, but most of them are Asia carrera interracial scene inches.

It's more important to have a reliable dick than a big one, as proven by Randy West. I personally hate big dicks, and I won't work with anyone 8 or more inches Asia carrera interracial scene I can help it. Most of the girls in our business agree, when shooting a long sex scene or more than one scene in a day, smaller is definitely better!

You can reach my G-spot just fine with your finger, so anything else is redundant! How do they shoot those monster loads? Peter North is just lucky. There isn't any secret special sauce, no injections, no double prostate. Most of the guys avoid having sex at home the night before a scene, because the more you pop the smaller your load gets. And some of the guys find that eating extra protein helps, so they'll eat some protein bars or nutrient shakes in the morning.

I never notice any difference though. How much do adult film stars make? This must be the only place in the world where guys get paid less than girls, and we call all the shots. Guys get a couple hundred per scene. Contract girls get paid by the movie, instead of by the scene, and they make thousands of dollars per movie.

It's good money, but remember, when you're still working at 40 or 50, we're out of a job! What about AIDS and pregnancy? We have to get a new AIDS test every thirty days.

We cannot work without a certified copy of our test results present at the set where we Asia carrera interracial scene working, and they are photocopied at every shoot and kept on file with a copy of 2 forms of ID.

Since we tend to only date and sleep with other people within our industry, we are actually probably one of the safest groups around. How often do you guys swap AIDS tests before having sex with someone you meet at a bar or club? As for pregnancy, most of the girls are on the pill, but others Asia carrera interracial scene diaphragms or condoms.

Risk of pregnancy is also lessened by the fact that the Asia carrera interracial scene cum shots are always external.

It's just a job for us, and everyone's jaded from seeing every Asia carrera interracial scene sex act shot a million different ways, so it's no big deal. There's no screwing in the closets, no orgys, nothing like that. The eroticism is lost when they cut because the anal scene was getting messy, the guy's knees are getting rugburn, the girl just started her period I'm amazed the male star can keep a hardon with some of the stuff that happens on set!

The days are long hoursand shooting several days back to back is extremely exhausting, so everyone grabs a nap whenever they can. Spending so many hours together day in and day out does let you see what people are really like, and it's interesting to see who's still nice at 4am after five hour days My father is Japanese, and my mother is German. I picked Asia because Asia carrera interracial scene Asian, and I think it's a pretty name, and Carrera from actress Tia Carrere, but I spelled it differently to prevent lawsuits.

I held off on getting my boobs done for a long time, because I know a lot of you love natural boobs, but then I started working out and losing weight, which made my boobs get really small and droopy. I still held out, 'cause I was scared about the surgery stuff, but once I couldn't stand to Asia carrera interracial scene at myself in the mirror anymore, I screwed up my courage and did it.

Now I'm kicking myself for not doing it ages ago! I LOVE my boobs! They are so awesome. I play with them all day long, just to make sure they're ok hehe! I don't get paid any more for bigger boobs, and I don't dance on the road, so the only difference is that now I feel better about me! Working in adult is the bestest job in the whole world! I get paid lots of money to Asia carrera interracial scene something everyone else does for fun on their own time, and I get lots of free time to do everything I love!

I used to have a lot of hobbies: There's always more e-mails to answer, more updates to add, new pics to scan, new logos Asia carrera interracial scene make, more orders to fill, and lots of chatting to do! So I've taken my hobbies and combined them into my work schedule: I write my own scripts, do artwork, play piano and write music for my movies, and I even wrote one called "Corporate Affairs", where I got to talk about Wall Street, and my idol, Warren Buffett.

I haven't figured out a way to use quantum physics on set - yet! I'm a workaholic, and Asia carrera interracial scene thrive on pressure. I believe I can do anything if I just work hard enough, and I always push myself to be the best I can at whatever I do.

Not much, 'cause I'm retired now! But he was cool with it when I was still making movies, and very understanding if I came home sore from working and didn't feel up to having any nookie that night. He's proud of who I am and what I've done, but make no mistake about it, he's also very glad I'm retired and he can have me all to himself now!

What's your sex life like at home? Lights out, on the bed, missionary position! Ahhhhhh, I can relax At home, I'm not wondering where the camera is all the time, I don't care if my mascara is running, nobody sees if a position makes me look fat, I don't have twenty people standing Asia carrera interracial scene, no hot lights, and best of all, I'm comfortable!

I don't want to do anything but close my eyes, and simply enjoy the orgasms It kicks serious BUTT over sex at work. Sex at work is fun 'cause I get to have sex outside of marriage, without Asia carrera interracial scene in trouble. If my husband's directing, what can he say? Asia, you're having TOO much fun - Cut it out! Do you Asia carrera interracial scene come in your scenes?

I come quickly, easily, and multiple times, so basically a guy has to be pretty darned lousy to not make me come. On the rare occasions where the guy was TOTALLY lame maybe 5 times out of totalI realised how crappy this job can be for other girls, because faking happy moans and groans for hours when you're miserable, uncomfortable, and under hot lights realllllly sucks!

Guys in the industry like working with me, and I suspect it's because each guy thinks he's the only stud who makes me come so much - Shhhhh! You can watch the goosebumps spread all over my body, my nipples get hard, all my muscles tense up, and my hands and toes start clenching and flexing. Actually, I wasn't able to come vaginally until I was about 19 or so, and I Asia carrera interracial scene come clitorally until about 21 and still only with my trusty little Pocket Rocketso I guess this is my reward for malfunctioning for so long!

I'm making up for lost time! Which of your movies is your favorite? Well, Asia carrera interracial scene true Asia fan has to see "A is for Asia", of course, because I Asia carrera interracial scene it. Hey - Asia carrera interracial scene wouldn't push a piece of crap at ya! It has my first two anal scenes, four facial cum shots, and D. I wrote it and co-directed and produced it with Bud, and I also designed the boxcover. To find out how I rate all the other movies I've done, check out my Asia Carrera Filmographywhere I've listed all my movies, and who I worked with in each!

Who are your favorite people to work with? I Asia carrera interracial scene Ashlyn Gere is tops all-around, she has the nicest, most down-to-earth personality, she's a Asia carrera interracial scene actress, and does hot sex scenes.

Teri Asia carrera interracial scene is also a real sweetheart, is stunningly gorgeous in person, and has great soft boobies for Asia carrera interracial scene naps on hehe! Jonathan Morgan is probably the most versatile guy, he's a great actor, good sex scenes, and Asia carrera interracial scene fun to have on set, even if he DOES sabotage my acting by trying to make me laugh while they shoot my dialogue closeups.

Steve Hatcher does a really intense sex scene - he says and does things that make me feel like I'm at home in my bed with him instead of on a set, and he's also a great and underrated actor. What are you planning to Asia carrera interracial scene after porn?

I've tried to answer that question in the past, but things keep changing, and so do my goals. I know that I want to learn as much as I can about everything I can until the day I die, and I like to spend all of my time being productive. I don't have a TV, and I don't party or socialize. I've been lucky enough to learn many, many things here in pornoland that I never would have had an opportunity to experience anywhere else - scriptwriting, directing, producing, acting, editing, makeup, lighting, gripwork, art direction, modelling, you name it, I'm doing it.

I Asia carrera interracial scene people all day long to explain things to me, and show me how things work, and they put up with me because I'm topless haha!

So I could take any of these new skills and branch out behind the camera - perhaps I'll start Asia Carrera Pictures? Or maybe I'll do one of the things I had originally planned: I know a girl can't be king, but my first action as Queen would be to declare myself King!

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  • Asia Carerra is a hot little sporty Asian girl, just like her name would suggest, and she goes hard and fast till the rubber ;s all gone.
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About ME: I then stop briefly to watch your head fill up with cum. But baby in the sheets: dominate me! i am looking for tall dark and fine as ffff. I won't bite. Yes, i am looking for a lover of above average endowment (8+ please).

Men like the chase? The eroticism is lost when they cut because the anal scene was getting messy, the guy's knees are getting rugburn, the girl just started her period I'm amazed the I picked Asia because I'm Asian, and I think it's a pretty name, and Carrera from actress Tia Carrere, but I spelled it differently to prevent lawsuits. (even though. 18 Sep Watch Asia Carrera: Final Anal Scene online on YouPorn is the biggest Anal porn video site with the hottest movies!..

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