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Interracial Love Stories

Are you looking for interracial mom and daughter? Check this adult xxx erotic sex video: Mom and Daughter fuck a huge cock black dude @ . Interracial Love Stories. Story Spinner — Click this link to read a random story from Mother and Daughter BBC. — Mother and daughter have a close encounter with black men. by roydavis/08/ Mother's Secret. — Black daughter discovers mother's sub desire for white women. by Phoenix Arrow 01/09/ Ashleigh's girls Introudced To Her Stud- (BM/3wf, virgin, interracial)(July, )- Ashleigh sets things up so her two youngest daughters are introduced to Sam's . Introducing My Daughter To Black Breeding- (M/F, inter, Preg)(December, )- A mother down on her luck moves to the bad part of town, we pick up her story.

MOM vs DAUGHTER - Hook Up With Ex!

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 13th of March Report. Laura Davidson had just finished addressing the Saturday afternoon PTA meeting on her favorite two topics: She always worried that some black man might some day make a pass at either her or her daughter Jenna.

The very idea of a black man touching her smooth, white skin revolted Laura. Laura Davidson 46 was a very prim, proper, conservative woman. Her long blonde hair, blue eyes and firm set of 36Cs turned many a head. Laura, although outwardly very proper, liked to tease men in a subtle fashion and, on three occasions during her 27 year marriage had enjoyed wild but brief affairs while her husband was away on business trips.

Her only child, Jenna, had been born 9 months after the first affair. Striding back to her seat to muted, embarrassed applause, Laura sat down and smoothed out her tight white skirt while feeling the coolness of the metal folding chair on her naked bottom. She got a thrill out of going without panties in public. Her dark business suit was long Interracial mother daughter stories to cover her bottom and she was sure no one would guess that she had a bald pussy she shaved her pussy whenever her husband went on an overseas trip.

Today, in addition to the white skirt and dark suit jacket, Laura also wore black stockings to mid-thigh, a white silk blouse, sheer white bra and black high heels. After the meeting Laura picked up her daughter from home and, together they went for a drive, eventually stopping at a chic outdoor caf? She liked to wear sexy clothing in a deliberate attempt to attract attention.

Today she wore a thin, low-cut pink blouse tied in a knot under her compact breasts showing plenty of cleavage due to her lack of a bra. If Laura was bothered by the excessive show of cleavage, she would have been even more upset had she known Jenna also wore no panties. Like her mother, Jenna had acquired a liking for shaving her young pussy. Concealing her naked pussy was a short black mini-skirt and black nylons. On her feet were white knee-high leather boots. Enjoying her tea while chiding Jenna for crossing her legs suggestively in public; Laura noticed several black men sitting in a van across Interracial mother daughter stories street.

Disgustingly, the blacks appeared to be ogling Jenna. Laura marched straight over to them, ordered them on their Interracial mother daughter stories, marched back to the caf? Laura and Jenna continued their afternoon drive not noticing the van tailing them in the distance. Walking back to the car, one arm around her daughter, the other hand holding her high-heel shoes, Laura abruptly stopped. Her eyes went wide, butterflies danced in her belly. In shock, Laura stared at the 5 big black men leaning against her car, grinning at her and Jenna.

Why, this is my car. Jenna shrank against her mother seeking reassurance. Just leave us alone. Jenna stared at her mother sprawled on the ground. Jenna stared at the group of black men surrounding her and her mom. A muscular arm went around her waist, the hand resting on her bare tummy, playing with her exposed belly button. Get your hands off my daughter you disgusting black bastards!

You want us to let your motherfucking hoe of a daughter go, you jus better make us real happy. We like white bitch asses. Get up and let us see your sorry old hoe ass. Just let Jenna go! Her belly heaved with fear but she was relieved that they had agreed to spare her.

Unfortunately, the man holding her tummy continued to play with her belly button. One man yanked Laura to her feet then pushed her right back down to her knees. She felt one of her stockings rip at the knee. You better lick it to make it feel better. Laura, fighting nausea, shuddered with revulsion as she tried to avoid looking at the huge black cock. Another slap on her Interracial mother daughter stories and she started sobbing in despair as she slowly, reluctantly opened her mouth.

The man immediately jammed his pulsating rod into her mouth forcing it Interracial mother daughter stories the back of her throat, nearly gagging Laura. She was willing to do anything to protect her virgin daughter.

Bet she eats lots of black cocks everyday. Laura felt powerful hands grip the top of her navy suit jacket. One man held her in place as another tore the seam of Interracial mother daughter stories expensive jacket down the back. A hand at the back of her neck grasped the top of her white Interracial mother daughter stories blouse and ripped it straight down the back also revealing her still pretty Interracial mother daughter stories smooth back.

The same man grabbed her bra strap yanked at it only to have it snap back in place against her soft skin. So he used two hands and ripped it apart at the clasp. Poor Laura wept as she kneeled with the huge black cock fucking her mouth. Her jacket and blouse, in tatters, hung down at her sides as a rough hand gripped her broken bra and ripped it off causing her some pain as the cups scraped at her breasts. Looking around she saw five naked black bodies converging on her, five large cocks waving at her in delight.

Five angry Interracial mother daughter stories menacing her. Two sets of hands grabbed her tight white Interracial mother daughter stories and with Interracial mother daughter stories violent wrench tore it off her revealing her lack of panties.

She just waiting for some good black cock. Girl, your mother knows just what black cocks like: How many black cocks does your mother eat everyday?

Laura, unable to protest, felt his repulsive member Interracial mother daughter stories her pussy. Her eyes squeezed shut to protect her from the pain. Next she was forced to lean forward where another massive black cock waited for her to suck. That worked; her mouth opened instantly to let the vile thing in. Meanwhile, leaning forward with a cock in her mouth while sitting on another cock, Laura felt a third cock tapping her bum.

It rubbed up and down the crack of her ass until it had left enough wetness Interracial mother daughter stories allow it to force its way inside her firm ass cheeks. Poor Laura almost passed out when the cock entered her ass. This was her worst nightmare: Her head spun as one cock fucked her mouth while she sat on another that seemed to go up inside of her further than any cock had ever gone before while her ass was violated by yet another repulsive black cock.

As the three cocks pounded Laura without mercy, she felt another pair of hands slapping her exposed ass cheeks. Yet another pair of hands grasped her firm breasts and started squeezing them too hard, alternating with very Interracial mother daughter stories pulls on her nipples as if they Interracial mother daughter stories trying to milk a cow.

The man fucking her mouth grabbed her long blonde hair and kept yanking her head back and forth. She fervently hoped Jenna was not being forced to watch. Hopefully Jenna had been able to look away Interracial mother daughter stories, at least, keep her eyes shut.

Jenna looked on in awe. She liked fucking her boyfriend one on one. She had heard of three ways. But here was her mom being forced to do a four way!! The Interracial mother daughter stories cocks were so big! Their balls hung down so far! Jenna stared in fascination as she hung from her tree branch. Rude remarks, violent thrusts. Laura tried desperately to keep her sanity during this horrid humiliation. Soon she felt the body Interracial mother daughter stories her shudder and she knew that his corrupt seed had erupted into her.

Seconds later a loud yell from behind told her that more corrupt seed had spurted into her ass. It dribbled out Interracial mother daughter stories sides of her mouth as she tried not to vomit. Seconds later, all three black men pulled out of her and stood up allowing her to collapse onto the sand, her ordeal finally ended. A hand on her hair twisted forcing her onto her back. A fourth big black cock waved in her face. Suck my balls while I fuck your white tits.

Old bitch, you better suck good. Someone kicked her a couple times until she started sucking his balls. The balls filled her mouth and she could feel each ball roll on her tongue.

But she sucked as hard as she could to please the hoodlum lest he punished her with another belt across the face. He squeezed her breasts hard against his thrusting cock with one hand while the other hand cruelly twisted, pulled and pinched her nipples until they became puffy from the punishment.

Soon she felt hot sticky liquid spew onto her stomach, leaking into her belly button. As Interracial mother daughter stories fourth man got up, Laura felt her legs being pulled apart as the last black man crouched down and pinched and slapped her naked pussy.


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I have always enjoyed black-on-white stories. I especially like glowering uber-male paired by way of little white woman stories.

You capability like this too! If you put one's finger on incest stuff otherwise racist talk honest in the applicability of getting physically off offensive, years ago please hit the 'back" button.

Mister Jenkins is a very nice who just happens to be dark. Now I yen you to ask for forgiveness to Mike proper for what you solely called him. Lisa had dressed fittingly for the justification. While she was actually 19 in addition to looked quite ripen in her high-school prom photos, she could be made to look thus much younger. This days, she had elect a slutty insufficiently tube top, stay-up nylon stockings in the company of very high heels, and a minute lace panties to facilitate for the second, just covered her cunt.

  • Interracial Love Stories. Story Spinner — Click this link to read a random story from Mother and Daughter BBC. — Mother and daughter have a close encounter with black men. by roydavis/08/ Mother's Secret. — Black daughter discovers mother's sub desire for white women. by Phoenix Arrow 01/09/
  • Interracial stories feature sexual relationships between different ethnicities or races.
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  • Again I'd like to thank everyone whose read my story and enjoyed it, as well as those who've offered my feedback. I've enjoyed reading about how people have enjoyed my stories and taken to heart problems people have had, granted as long as the problems weren't with the story being of the interracial genre.
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