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DESCRIPTION: Sunday, April 4 at hte Viper Room, W. April 8, 8 p. These listings were compiled by Derek Thomas.

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Mix FM » Search Results » amy winehouse -the-donna-summer-musical-bring-the-disco-diva-vibes-in-the-rehearsal-room/ houdyshell-reed-birney-on-eating-thanksgiving-dinner-eight-times-a-week-more/ . Antarctic's Antarctica Antarctica's Antares Antares's Anthony Anthony's Anthropocene Antichrist Antichrist's Antichrists Antietam Antietam's Antigone Antigone's Balkans's Balkhash Balkhash's Ball Ball's Ballard Ballard's Balthazar Balthazar's Baltic Baltic's Baltimore Baltimore's Baluchistan Baluchistan's Balzac Balzac's. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot chart, would be such a smash when they first made it—adding that he'll probably never top the song. “You never really know until you put it .. Celebrity Thanksgiving Photo of the Day: Verne Troyer Struggles With a Butterball That's Almost As Big As He Is. Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can.

Sunday, April 4 at hte Viper Room, W. April 8, 8 p. These listings were compiled by Derek Thomas. Productions are sequenced alphabetically in the following cagtegories: You can also search for any play by title, using your computer's search engine.

Theatre West, Cahuenga Blvd. Colony Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner, N. Sherry Theatre, Magnolia Blvd. Avalon, Vine St. Beverly Hills Playhouse, S. Rolland Jacks' s musical nostalgia. Whitefire Theater, Ventura Blvd. Coast Playhouse, Santa Monica Blvd. Milne's Winnie the Pooh. Tre Stage Theatre, N. Stella Adler Theatre, Hollywood Blvd.

Lost Studio, S. Good Hurt, Venice Blvd. Pico Playhouse, W. Sketch-comedy courtesy The Second City. Schwartz and David Wechter. Ichiro's refusal to join the U. Army has nothing to do with cowardice. Rather, his choice is the result of being torn between his beloved American upbringing Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner his Japanese cultural roots.

When he returns home, however, he finds wreckage and bitterness where he once had friends and family. His Japan-loyal mother Sharon OmiBallad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner drove Ichiro to make his choice, lives in denial and has nearly lost her mind, supported by Ichiro's stoic, sad-faced father Sab Shimono.

Ichiro's former best friend Kenji Greg Watanabedespite coming home from the war horribly crippled, Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner more accepting of his buddy's choice. Assisted by Narasaki's deft dialogue, exchanges that belie the depth of fury and bitterness over the American dream turned sour, the play presents characters whose piercing suffering becomes eloquent.

Director Alberto Isaac's deftly subtle production never overplays its emotional hand, opting instead for an understated melancholy that is both elegant and searing. Few dramas have as effectively depicted the sense of being torn between two cultures in a time of war -- along with the unique Japanese-American tragedy arising from being simultaneously victorious and defeated.

Wu's devastating boy-next-door turn as Ichiro depicts a figure desperately torn between his American upbringing and his Japanese cultural roots -- and who discovers that both bring little but sorrow. Other ferociously moving turns are offered by Shimono's pained but undemonstrative father and Omi's brittle, hate-filled mother.

Miles Memorial Playhouse, Lincoln Blvd. He's just a broke, self-centered writer who scrawled a cardboard sign and a stack of penciled business cards in the hope of making rent. But he knows what disasters will befall his clients: Director Susan Morgenstern stages this trifle for broad comedy and she's given a great boost from Horvitz, whose turn as the mafioso Johnny Bubbles is a pistol whip to the funny bone.

By the second act, when the corpses mount, a detective Phil Proctor starts sniffing around Adam's office and Horvitz yelps, "It's like we're in a bad production of Guys and Dolls ," we're catching on that Bobrick is poking fun at lazy genres.

But the jab is too late and too blunted. Still, an energetic cast keeps the zings flying fast enough that it's possible to enjoy the murder-mystery as featherweight froth, instead of as a satire that takes aim at such fluff. Falcon Theatre, Riverside Dr. The examination begins during Thanksgiving following the contentious presidential election and continues with the doings of the Bush administration as its backdrop.

She claims that "the best Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner about me is that I understand what's irritating about me," yet the love affair she begins with Amy Emily Donahoea filmmaker she meets at a conference in Boston, reveals quite the opposite.

Much of this revelation comes out in heart-to-hearts with Judy, who begins work in D. Glovera young black girl from Judy's native Kentucky, to try to better her life through education. Kron's Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner dialogue is enhanced by director Leigh Silverman's orchestration of the overlapping between close friends who are comfortable with each other, though in some of the two-character scenes the pacing drags a bit.

The show's design is delightful in its details, including David Korins' authentic yuppie bric-a-brac, Meg Neville's urban-hipster outfits and Alexander V. Nichols' projection frame-wrap of the proscenium. The talented cast is engaging, with Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner including Elrod, whose humor and nice-guy ethos make us feel for Danny, and O'Connell, whose mannerisms and physicality embody the unpleasantly honest nature of Judy's admonition that we Americans too often take for granted our own worth.

Kirk Douglas Theatre, Washington Blvd. In this world premiere, playwright Susan Rubin has gotten the whole gang together again for our theater-armchair gawking. There's the screen-star-mama's-boy producer, Jeremy Jason Stuart ; the seemingly Zen Earth mother executive with silver-ring brass knuckles Denise Dowse ; the ladder-climbing Silver Lake punk composer, Christian Stewart W. Now watch them try to make Teaa movie musical based on a family-heirloom journal kept circa the Boston Tea Party.

Rubin knows all their soft spots and pokes judiciously: The Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner, pace and relationships jerk to life and then stall; the brakes are slammed. As Lucy leaves John, all fury and fangs, and he halfheartedly stops her, you wonder for what these two are fighting. Jeremy and Christian's affair is likewise hastily erected, and both couplings suffer from either a lack of chemistry or a lack of rehearsal.

Director Mark Bringelson and cinematographer Adam Soch created a neat device merging film and theater, but it's so underused -- and in the dinner-scene instance, extraneous -- they should've scrapped it and focused that energy on the play. Bootleg Theater, Beverly Blvd. It all begins with a phone call disclosing a secret meeting location.

Aided by clues and mysterious cast members strewn throughout various locations, such as street corners, bars, iconic landmarks and out-of-the-way spots, the audience traverses the city streets, piecing together clues of a meticulously crafted plot. Acme Comedy Theatre, N. In the mids, nurse's assistant Ann Darlene Bel Grayson had lived in the 'hood with her two sons until a dying patient bequeathed her a house in a pretentious white suburb.

Euphoric when she first moves in, Ann is soon being visited by well-meaning and hostile neighbors, who complain about her unlandscaped lawn and her son Rodney's boom box -- and demand all sorts of ownership levies she doesn't have. Meanwhile the listless Rodney Larry "Bam" Hall yearns to return to the projects -- even though his father was murdered there -- while Ann's boyfriend, Earl Carl Crudupmakes it plain he too feels out of place.

Her spirit unbowed, Ann soldiers on, skillfully handling the patronizing white lady next door Jennifer Lamarfending off her journalist husband Darrell Philipwho keeps giving Ann hankering looks, and vanquishing the nasty patrician president of the homeowner's association Maurice Weiss. Whatever truthful elements the story embraces are torpedoed by the typically one-note performances, under Richard Elkins' direction. Though Ann is always well groomed, her living room designer David Mauer's set inexplicably resembles a squatters' den, with blank, dirty walls and sheet-draped, torn upholstery.

The place finally gets spiffed up in Act 2. Among the ensemble, Miriam Korn is the most convincing as a likable teen who penetrates Rodney's sullen defenses. His funeral, and the open casket demanded by his mother, became a flashpoint for the nascent civil rights movement.

Despite the performances' visceral intensity, its lingering, emotionally exploitive depiction of the murder helps boils the history down to a black-and-white sketch of good versus evil.

It provokes righteous self-satisfaction more than our introspection. Fountain Theatre, Fountain Ave. Bilingual Foundation of Arts, N. Macha Theatre, N. Kings Road, West Hollywood; Fri. Bob Baker Marionette Theater, W. He raises dogs for sale -- or for eating, earning animal-loving Braggert's vicious enmity. When Patton wins the lottery, Braggert takes him prisoner, strings him up by his feet, steals his winnings and amputates his ear and some toes.

Intending to kill his old man, he summons the scattered family, including sissy Jessop and sister Sara Maury Morgan to say farewell. Their year-old mother, Eva Suzanne Vossturns up mysteriously pregnant, claiming immaculate conception. If it sometimes seems that Reichel has assembled as many improbable elements as Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner, neglecting to shape them into a credible, coherent whole, Zeke Rettman provides impeccable direction while an able cast acts the piece with demented zest on Danny Cistone's cluttered, ramshackle house-trailer set.

Elvin Thor Edgell is a middle-aged gay virgin who sublimates his despair over his family's troubled pedigree by secretly dressing in a sequined gown and getting drunk in the privacy of his own Mississippi family manor.

Yet, he's not the most eccentric denizen of his clan: That honor could go either to his sister Morgan Bonnie McNeilwho wanders around the woods irrelevantly chanting a magical spell; or to his equally unhinged Aunt Lottie May Quigley Goodmanwho is so desperate for validation she throws herself at a random year-old Bible student after church.

The main problem with director Milton Justice's flat, Monopoly-board staging is that it's heavier than Mississippi humidity, an issue that is exacerbated by leaden pacing, which even spills over to the perfunctory attempts at Southern backbiting and spiteful repartee. The mistakes of storytelling are legion, from the torpid, cement-thick monologues and overwrought line readings to the endless discussion of characters' pointless dreams.

If it weren't for the show's execution being so ponderously serious, the piece would actually come across as unintentionally funny -- particularly when Edgell's "good ole boy" Elvin shows up in his gown, or during his halting, oddly tepid first romance. Instead, even with game attempts by McNeil's unstable turn as Morgan and by Goodman's Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner Lottie, the results are ultimately an uninvolving trudge through Southern culture.

As directed by Jon Imparato, the opening segment features Mantle as Eve: Perched on a faintly glimmering staircase, in floral wreath and gauzy garment, he hails the social revolution to come while clarifying for right-wing Christian zealots how "in the beginning" it really was Adam and Steve.

Subsequent segments include a video of the performer interviewed as his mom; his typecasting experiences as an actor in Hollywood not another trannie-prostitute role! Bush -- on an occasion honoring his uncle, Mickey Mantle -- in which he weighs the yeas and nays of an impassioned confrontation. Along with the music and the humor are thoughtful ruminations about what it's like to live as both man and woman, and exactly what inside human beings propels some of us into fantasies of victimhood.

Backup vocalists Lawrencia Dandridge and Miss Barbie Q add icing to the camp; video director Andy Putschoegl's videography, incorporating designer Allison Moon's psychedelic images, expands the spectacle. Actually, not very, according to the "retro-utopia" environment of this show, created and originally produced by the Seattle-based company Collaborator.

Though its residents inhabit a future drained to such grayness that it's not even as cool as The Matrix, Foster Sam Littlefield wakes one morning to discover he's been slipped a red pill that allows him to "hear too well.

While the performers are, as they say in this show, "sufficient," music director Mark Sparling and musician Miho Kajiwara deserve credit for making the show a marvel.

Relying on sounds from such "found objects" as a hairbrush, a wooden spoon and a skillet cover okay, and of course, the omnipresent MacBooksthey provide live sound effects for everything from tooth-brushing to factory machine-whirring, and turn it into music.

Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner 727 My Milf Like It Big Com Yet, like American Deadit's another penetratingly written rumination, a lament even, for something indescribable that's been lost in this country -- and to this country. Young, Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner, idealistic Midwesterner Branden Ian Lockhart warily accepts a position at the World Bank, despite the fact that its Director Alan Rosenberg is regarded as the architect of the Iraq War. Director-choreographer Kay Cole has assembled a lively, colorful cast, and marshals them with panache. Despite the performances' visceral intensity, its lingering, Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner exploitive depiction of the murder helps boils the history down to a black-and-white sketch of good versus evil. There's the screen-star-mama's-boy producer, Jeremy Jason Stuart ; the seemingly Zen Earth mother executive with silver-ring brass knuckles Denise Dowse ; the ladder-climbing Silver Lake punk composer, Christian Stewart W. The main problem with director Milton Justice's flat, Monopoly-board staging is that it's heavier than Mississippi humidity, an issue that is exacerbated by leaden pacing, which even spills over to the perfunctory attempts at Southern backbiting and spiteful repartee. Ballad Of Tony Hookup Divas Thanksgiving Spinner 99 HOW TO DEAL WITH A PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE 641


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  • Brett Eldredge to Appear in Macy`s Thanksgiving Parade; J.B. Smoove`s Turkey Cooking Tricks; Miley Cyrus Cat`s Conspiracy: Pushing the Envelope or Deeper The George Zimmerman-Casey Anthony Connection; Jennifer Hudson`s Horror; Tyra Banks Cleans House on "America`s Next Top Model"; "American Idol ".
  • 1 Apr JACQUES BREL IS ALIVE AND WELL AND LIVING IN PARIS Production conception, English lyrics and additional material by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman, based ALTAR EGO Katselas Theatre Company presents James Lyons' hook- up comedy. TURKEY DAY Jeff Folschinsky's Thanksgiving comedy.
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How to be more 'confident'? HELP!?!? -the-donna-summer-musical-bring-the-disco-diva-vibes-in-the-rehearsal-room/ houdyshell-reed-birney-on-eating-thanksgiving-dinner-eight-times-a-week-more/ . Antarctic's Antarctica Antarctica's Antares Antares's Anthony Anthony's Anthropocene Antichrist Antichrist's Antichrists Antietam Antietam's Antigone Antigone's Balkans's Balkhash Balkhash's Ball Ball's Ballard Ballard's Balthazar Balthazar's Baltic Baltic's Baltimore Baltimore's Baluchistan Baluchistan's Balzac Balzac's..

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