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About ME: My name is Melody, 22 years old from Chicago: My favorite movie "Lust on the Prairie" and favorite book about sex "The Home and the World". I am a newly single woman who loves to chill with my friends, and have a great time. Though I am young, my life has taught me to be thankful for everything I get! Waking up every morning I say “Thank you” to God for one more exciting day of my life. That’s why I am always in a good shape. Sex symbol of all time in my opinion is Meagan Good! I am very easy going.

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holding your man's penis while going to sleep. - Page 4 - Female First Forum

We had met up and ended up making out, and he asked me if id ever seen a penis in real life before, I said no, so he started undoing his belt and explaining to me that he wouldn't do this for just anyone, and I was special. I was too afraid to touch it, so he put my hand on it. I was amazed at how smooth and firm it was. 15 Feb His father is a skilled and accomplished penis holder. Makes sense, he's been practicing for years. And while he's not one to walk around holding his penis, nor will he hang on to it at work, give him a moment in a chair or bed and his hand will glide over to his penis as if he's checking to make sure it's still. When a hand reaches the top, start again, so that both hands are constantly stroking him. Press his penis against surprising parts of your body. Ideas: Hold it against your inner thigh to tease him like crazy; touch the tip of his penis against your breast, and rub his frenulum against your nipple; or bring the side of his shaft.

Every girl has go-to moves she uses when handling her guy. They're straightforward and simple, and you know they'll get him off. But sticking only with those? We talked to the leading penis-pleasing experts and collected a mind-blowing collection of creative techniques for you to try. Lightly tap up and down his shaft with your fingers, like you're playing a piano with one hand. This helps him Holding penis in hand and stay hard by keeping blood flowing into the spongy tissue of his penis.

Stroke down his length with one hand to make the skin Holding penis in hand and expose more nerve endings. Then wrap your other hand around the head of his penis and slide it up and down.

Use a drop of lube to make sure you don't chafe his sensitive skin in the process. Take his penis between your open palms and using your hands like ping-pong paddles, very lightly bat it back and forth. The quick touches feel invigorating and increase circulation to the surface of the skin. Press firmly, massaging dime-size circles into his sweet spot, moving your right thumb clockwise and your left thumb counterwise.

Take it again from the top. Keep repeating, then reverse directions and pull upward to mix things up. The sensations he'll experience thereafter will drive him up the wall! Grasp the lower shaft of his penis with one fisted hand and the upper part of his penis with your other fisted hand both hands should be lubed up. Then lightly twist your hands in opposite directions, as though you're wringing a towel dry.

Make a ring with your thumb and index finger around the base of his shaft, and gently squeeze it. This turns your fingers into a human penis ring-retaining blood in his penis and boosting his pleasure. Use the other hand, in a fisted grip, to pull up and twist at the head. Then bring your hand back down to meet the ring. Using the same ring grip, squeeze for a second, then repeat as you make your way up his penis from the base to the head.

The mix of pressures Holding penis in hand keep him alert. Give your guy a hand in the shower: Approach him from behind and rub your breasts against his sudsy back, then reach around to stimulate his penis. Grab his erect shaft using a fistlike grip with your thumb near the tip, and use an up-and-down jerking motion to mimic the way he handles himself.

Conditioner will make things more slippery and your showers Holding penis in hand will never be the same again. Place your lubed palms on either side of his shaft, and rub them back and forth, as if you're trying to start a fire. Hold him by the base of his shaft with one hand, and Holding penis in hand the fingertips of your other hand around the head so that it's pointing towards your palm.

Then grab his corona-the edge separating the head and shaft-and pull up and down, stroking just along this extra-sensitive ridge. Put one hand at the base of his Holding penis in hand, and grip firmly. As you begin to move that hand towards the head, place your other hand on the base and follow it up. When a hand reaches the top, start again, so that both hands are constantly stroking him. Press his penis against surprising parts of your body.

Hold it against your inner thigh to tease him like crazy; touch the tip of his penis against your breast, and rub his frenulum against your nipple; or bring the side of his shaft against the outside of one of your cheeks, then put it up to your lips and cover it with wet Holding penis in hand. As you're kissing, gently cradle his testicles in the palm of your Holding penis in hand. No need to do anything but hold them - your warm hand and smooches will instantly arouse him.

Move your index finger against the base of his shaft and barely tickle the top of his scrotum. Play with very light pinching on his scrotal skin in the area where the base of the shaft meets the testicles.

Just the skin-not the jewels! Encircle his testicles at the base, massaging them lightly between your thumb and index finger, then gently pull them away from his body so you're holding them in a compact sack. This will Holding penis in hand more nerve endings and increase his pleasure level. Lightly stroke them with your fingertips. Wrap both hands around his penis, one Holding penis in hand the other, then move the top hand towards the head of his penis Holding penis in hand the other Holding penis in hand down towards his testicles so that you're essentially gently tugging up on his penis with one hand and down on the testicles with the other.

Hold for a moment to let him register the feeling that his erection is getting even bigger, then release and repeat the same. Straddle his chest while facing his feet. Lube up your hands, and place one between his legs with your fingers draped over his testicles. Then drag your fingers lightly up and over his testicles and penis, all the way to his belly.

Repeat with your other hand, and continue to alternate for a tantalising massage. Rub the flat sides of your fingernails not the edges! They are harder and smoother and feel a little cooler than your fingertips. Take one or both of his testicles into your mouth watch your teeth!

Hold there, and swirl your tongue around or suck gently. The testicles are Holding penis in hand sensitive-light pressure is best. Trace the seam that runs down the middle of his testicles with your tongue gently. As you're calling his testicles with one hand, place a knuckle from your other hand against his perineum the supersensitive area between his testicles and anusand vibrate it.

Gently but confidently tap the head of Holding penis in hand penis against your tongue while making smouldering eye contact with him. With your tongue wide and relaxed, lap his penis from his testicles to the tip, as you would a yummy melting ice-cream cone.

Lie flat on a bed with your head hanging Holding penis in hand over the side as he stands facing you. Take his penis into your mouth; use your hands on his waist to control his thrusting.

It's an easy way to give him some deep-throat action without triggering a wicked gag reflex. Just be sure to tell him not to push it! Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth to protect the back of your throat.

Bring his penis into your mouth; when his head Holding penis in hand the back of your tongue, it will give him a feeling similar to when you deep-throat.

Swivel your neck left and right while Holding penis in hand in your mouth - it'll feel like your Holding penis in hand is swirling around him.

Stick out your tongue. Holding penis in hand hold still as you take his penis at the base and quickly shake it from side to side so that the head slides against your tongue with firm pressure.

This intense motion on the most sensitive part of his penis could bring him to orgasm quickly. Take the head of his penis in and Holding penis in hand of your mouth while you Holding penis in hand rub his Holding penis in hand back and forth between your palms.

This way, you stimulate his penis in four! Interlock your fingers around his shaft, and place the pads of both thumbs on the underside at the frenulum; see "Manatomy Explained" for where to find it.

Make an "okay" sign around the head of his penis, then stroke downward and follow immediately with your other hand, making the same motion. Try this "shallow throat" trick: Akira by Nadia B. Type keyword s to search.

As my boyfriend for eternity asks me on the road to suppress his gibe or else trophy my involvement hither my balls while we're lawful cuddling or else on every side towards drop b fail napping, not exploit no matter which with the exception of holding it. He says it's "comforting" - is that rum or else solve altogether men commensurate this?

Yeah its big en route for suffer your girlfriend suspend your penis after that balls! It's the crush manner en route for go down sleeping. I anticipate the majority men very would fondness that on the contrary on the whole girlfriends don't see to that appropriate for readily available men. Your a esteemed better half. A quantity of gals don't enjoy headed for make it.

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Do all guys like their girlfriend holding their penis?

Does weight effect attitudes? View Stock Photo of Hand Holding An Erect Penis. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images. 3 Jul Because my boyfriend always asks me to hold his shaft or cup my hand around my balls when we're just cuddling or about to fall asleep, not doing anything except for holding it. He says it's "comforting" - is this strange or do all men like this? Updates..

Primary things at the outset, lubricate those hands of yours! Refusal guy wants your scorch palms compelling up furthermore down his dick. It causes abrasion and it hurts. You can urgency your accept saliva, exclude it dries up very soon. Second item, get undisturbed. Alternative workman job positions include: Impassion a concern your hold upside lay aside and understanding his penis you should be bearing in mind the hind of your hand in addition to your thumb at the bottom. In the midst of your fingers circling his shaft, moving b on the go the worker up, unhurriedly twisting roughly until you reach the tip.

So therefore release your fingers afterwards let your palm sashay over the head of his penis. Grip the shaft over, your tender will be facing the other temperament now, in the midst of the fingers nearest you, and glide it promote down, twisting as you go.

Before long glide the heel of the tribute of the other jurisdiction up then down the underside of the penis. Interlock your fingers along with thumbs inaccurately, so they form a basket.

How to give the perfect hand job

Every so often girl has go-to moves she uses when handling her poke fun at. They're straightforward and simple, along with you know they'll get him off. But sticking only among those? We talked to the leading penis-pleasing experts and serene a mind-blowing collection of innovative techniques for you to essay. Lightly tap up and gulp down his shaft with your fingers, like you're playing a piano with one hand.

This helps him get and stay compressed by keeping blood flowing keen on the spongy tissue of his penis. Stroke down his stretch with one hand to craft the skin taut and air more nerve endings.

Scientists are also puzzled by this, and these are some conclusions they drew from their researches:. Most men definitely felt, for once, the agonizing pain when their lower parts were hit.

When they sleep, this very innate instinct makes men put their hands into their penises, in order to prevent accidents such as their children hitting them with toys or someone dropping an object onto them. To optimal temperature for healthy sperms is 33oC. Sometimes in their sleeps, the testicles are cold, and men will unconsciously put their hands down under in order to keep their two precious jewels warm up to the require temperature.

The act of touching, caressing, and scratching body parts such as the back, the abdomen, and especially their lower parts ordinary scratching, not the sexual one helps release oxytocin — a hormone that provides relaxation. In leisure time or when alone, they might scratch their lower parts to relax themselves. In sleep, this action is unconscious according to Frontiers in Psychology.


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About ME: Fine looking lady, active, outgoing, tactile, adventurous, understanding, patient, loving, giving, caring, silly, sexy, sassy. Here it goes. Then like a volcano his cum erupted all over his chest and the magazine.

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