How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost

Much Costume Cost How A Does Stormtrooper
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DESCRIPTION: Stormtroopers might not be the best muscle in the galaxy — their blaster accuracy skills could definitely use some work — but they remain one of the most iconic groups in all of film. Sure, Stormtrooper action figures, statues, and props exist, but sometimes you just want to put on the armor yourself, walk through hallways, and do your best not to bump your head on futuristic doors.

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Stormtrooper Armor

The st cannot provide recommendations for or against any costume makers or products. The best thing you can do is visit the How much do your costumes cost? That depends on what costume you Is the Rubies stormtrooper/Vader/ Boba Fett acceptable for membership? Unfortunately no, at least not without a LOT. posted links that have to do with making your own star wars storm trooper costume. Find great deals on eBay for Stormtrooper Armor in Movie Memorabilia Reproduction Props. Shop with confidence. taken out of the box. The torso armor could use some more sanding and has a f. . 1) Your costume will be much brighter and your paint will stand out more with the lighter background. 2) You will use less.

Unboxing Stormtrooper Armor from Anovos - Better Than Craigslist Hookup!

We look around at armor makers and get their pricing and think, "wow thats a lot, but ok. So my goal here is to help people by laying out a general cost reference How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost the stuff they will ned to buy.

This way you can make an educated decision about your finances how you will make a TK work so it does not break the bank and have you selling it a few months later. This will be a range type pricing. There are parts that are more expensive and some that are lower cost.

At the very end, to help you with the accessories and armor, I have put links to the ongoing accessories listing and well as the approved armor vendors listing. These posts help compile ways to contact the sellers who have the required parts.

How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost you read through the sale thread for the individual items, you can also read the reviews to get a feel for the quality of an item. People with a bad history or a bad product aren't allowed to sell here. So do the research and make an educated decision.

The FISD does not dictate pricing to sellers, so you are the only one who can decide what price is right for the item you want, thats why there are multiple sellers for most items. The armor with helmet - The pricing ranges widely depending on accuracy, type of scupt fan vs screencopy and quality. Some of the lower end pricing does not include a helmet! Keep this in mind when you do the research on armor makers and make sure that you get a helmet with the suit as well.

Any set of armor that you can find here on the FISD through the approved sellers will look great if you build it right. The suits on the higher end of the spectrum are like luxury cars.

Do you need them? Not really, but it's so nice to have them and the attention to the finer details really sets them apart. The Rest - This is the part that people sometimes forget about.

These are pieces like the boots, the cloth belt, holster and so many other little things that help you to complete the suit. These parts I am detailing aren't How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost with the exception of the blaster so in order to get approval from the Legion and join us, you will need every single item I am detailing.

Many of these prices do not take into account shipping fees, since I can't detail them all and they vary wildly between sellers location and your location. Most are very fair here on shipping costs though. I will detail the expected pricing for these parts and then will recap everything at the end. Boots - There are several options for these. There are sellers who have white leather bots that are made especially for stormtroopers. These are the accurate style and the leather is dyed white so you never have to worry about chips to the paint.

The other option is How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost go with black Jodphur boots, get some white leather paint, prep and paint the boots. This is how they did it in the films and is likely to be cheaper then the white leather route, but involves more work, up front and in the end.

So you have to decide on if you're willing to trade ease of use for film replica style. Neck Seal - This part is generally custom made to order from a few different sellers to fit your neck size. Zippers, velcro and other closure types are available.

However they do not need to be rubber for basic How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost, they can be black form fitting gloves, just check on the CRL for the specific requirements depending on the level of certification you are aiming for. Most armor vendors will include a set of ABS How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost hand guards with the armor, so unless you're going for a higher level of accuracy certification with the FISD, the ones with How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost armor will do.

Undersuit - Easily overlooked, this is one of the most important parts of the whole setup! You will want a plain black suit either 2 or 1 piece construction and it should be form fitting with no excess fabric hanging around.

The best place to find these are at any general department store like WallMart US or a sporting goods store. If you decide on a 1piece suit, make sure there is a zipper to go pee. It's hard enough to get out of a 1 piece without having to worry about bathroom pressure. Holster - Most times How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost are made from leather, but can also be imitation leather.

Cloth Belt - This is the belt that the ABS ammo belt attaches to and goes around your waist to connect at your back and you hang your TD on.

Not all countries allow for even toy weapons so the legion does not require them. The price ranges widely here because you can get these as kits or fully built. Most kits are pretty easy to put together and paint yourself if you have the time. Tools - Now this is a hard to peg hole. Strapping supplies - You can go with screen accurate brackets, or you can use straps and snaps to put your armor together and hold it in place. You will need some skinny black elastic, skinny white elastic, wide black elastic, wide white elastic.

You will need snaps as well. Here is the pricing once again, in one place with no descriptions:. Time required to build. Time building it time away from your friends, family, dog, work and so on.

Unless you find a way to include them! But it's not like you're working, How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost a hobby and you're having. You can bank about hours of build time for your first build. This does not include time spent researching on the computer, waiting for glue to dry and so on. This is purely time sitting on front of a armor piece working. There are people who offer a build service for a price.

Lets break down these costs a How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost. An experienced builder will take hours to build your kit, and make sure it fits to your body as best as possible. This is a specialized skill, in a niche market which means there aren't so many people doing it. If they were being paid by the hour Now these are just estimated.

If you have questions about a builder for your armor, post on the forums, or do some research you'll find people who do builds for you and they can answer your question directly. Combined on-going accessories listing.

Various types of armors and where to find them. It would have been nice to How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost this before I started I agree with Sith Lord, where were you a few months ago when I started researching and buying all of these things.

Yes, the supplies part can go a lot higher, but that gets into the realm of things you don't necessarily NEED, which is where I'm trying to focus. I hope this will become a good resource for people to get a good idea what they are getting into and realistically decide if it's something they can sustain. I've been researching all this since before I signed up. This will be a great post to help increase our ranks.

Yeah great job Derrek. This is something that I was trying to add up when I first started as well. I'm with Ian and think that I How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost probably fall somewhere in the middle.

I've been thinking since the beginning of my journey that when I am all said and done I was going to do my best to add up all of the things that have been bought for my armor to see how much it has cost me. I was going to put it at the end of my How Much Does A Stormtrooper Costume Cost thread.

It is a question that gets asked all of the time by new people and it is a good question to ask. I think I have certainly gone over what I thought I was going to originally spend at this point. Its all of the little things that you can't plan for.

Oh wait I need some spray paint. Oh wait I need some more magnets. Do I really want to make my own thigh garter or do I just want to buy one. These are the things that can make you go over budget. It is easy to say that you want to not go over a certain amount of money but then you get antsy and just want it to be done. Of course it all starts with your armor pick right? Of course I chose MTK to stay on the more affordable side as well as it is awesome armor. Don't forget aluminum TD clips!

This, of course, doesn't include the new parts I needed to get when I damaged them chest, ears nor the replacement bits like Velcro, elastics, spare gloves, spare undersuit, etc. Thanks, I did realize I had almost no tools, and will push up the price up a bit.

This is very informative, getting soft parts while saving up to December to make my AM armor purchase. Your wife grooms dogs When going into any "hobby" I know there are always going to be added things that I just didn't think of and here you got the highlights for sure.

This is something that will most likely be pinned right? Thank You for posting it. Great resource--I think a lot of people getting into this hobby should know this up front. I think you should also add a couple optional accessories that many troopers end up adding: One adds to the ambience and the other is absolutely necessary in certain climates and troops. I'm actually a little surprised that it isn't higher. I totaled up what I spent on my Ghostbusters props once

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Make easy Register Remember Me? Folio 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump en route for page: Total newb just before Star Wars armor. One help or a ask in the right regulation would be appreciated! RPF Premium Members don't lead these ads. Click at this juncture to upgrade your bias and maximize your RPF user experience! Darkturbo04 Impression Profile Latest Posts. Nevertheless to answer your question: I have a ebon set of Stormtrooper armor which I picked ahead from ebay a diminutive over a year previously.

Accuracy will also encourage the price up.

The stormtrooper armor looks like injection molded plastic to me. As far as I know injection molds are a very costly sunk cost. Since the production run was fairly limited I'd imagine that the high cost of the molds would result in a fairly high cost per unit for stormtrooper armor.

What was that cost? Was there some sort of legal reason that the molds weren't utilized during that 30 year span? The armor was developed and produced by Andrew Ainsworth, a prop maker who up to that point had built his career on constructing things like kayaks and fish ponds.

The armor was originally made out of HDPE High Density Polyethylene using a vacuum forming process - the same process he used for his fish ponds. After making 50 or so helmets, he upgraded to a more durable ABS plastic.

There's actually a huge amount of information about his meetings with George Lucas, why he built the armor the way he did, and a little about the legal case against him on Andrew Ainsworth's website, originalstormtrooper.

A really interesting read. Ainsworth threw the stormtrooper armor molds away after getting out of the film business in the 80s to save space but kept the helmet molds in storage. There's no real legal reason he sat on them for so long, he just sort of rediscovered them in when struggling to pay school fees and decided to dust them off to start selling.

He was sued, however, by LucasFilm in after selling only 19 helmets , lost the case in the US but won a victory in the UK that allows him to continue to sell them.

About Stormtrooper Armor Stormtroopers are the superior foot soldiers in the battle between the Jedi forces and the Dark Side, and they patrol the Death Star, keeping intruders at bay. You are a big fan of the "Star Wars" movies and on the hunt for a unique idea for your next cosplay appearance, and the stormtrooper armor is just what you need. Find the pieces and accessories you need to complete your Galactic Empire uniform with the vast inventory of merchandise on eBay.

The stormtrooper armor costume includes everything you need to become a guardian of the Empire. Sets include the signature white-and-black boots; spandex body suit; flexible neck ring; gloves; holster; helmet; and knee, leg, and arm guards.

These exclusive costumes are designed to be replicas of those worn in the blockbuster sci-fi films. Stormtrooper armor pieces can help you create your own take on this costume.

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