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DESCRIPTION: Today I Fucked Up is a community for the dumbass in all of us.

Tag _-cobra: Love russian gurls. Best half asians out there!

Rituraj Dutta: As an English girl, I never knew we had so much in common culturally with Danish girls! Naturally I can't generalise for all English people but I kind of feel like this could be about many people I know.

Ravenlips: I thought they just go for a fist fight after a beer.

Kontroversi: Indians are good or best

Andrea Donato: Yes, finally! My wife (Ukrainian and I have been waiting for a Ukraine episode. Although we did love the Russian videos, maybe a you know you are dating a Ukrainian when. video soon? Thanks, we love the channel:)

Bryan Morales: When she hacks your email while you're in the shitter at the restaurant on your first date.

Paolo Youtube: Russians are stupid, too much alcohol fucked up their head

Rahul Verma: Not sure that dany boon accent (north would be considered as attractive by english speakers

Asoul _ Soula: All the politic comments here-

N Ballweg: English from England.

Petes101: Funny, I didn't find my Dutch boyfriend like that. I did learn the hard way about making decisions. Don't waste time.

Aka Ringo: As nuts as the Greek women. Avoid at all costs.yours sincerely a Cypriot (ours are nuts too obviously).

Rafael .l: I like Spain and Dominican Republic

Ali Veli: Canadian women confuse me, they are to much like US women. lol

MsFeri26: The serbian girl doesnt speak serbian. I wonder is it the same with others.

KEVIN FELIX: The bathroom part is so true that at the end I would just take a dump at my neighbors s place XD

Jaikee Berlin: Lol, you must have had so much fun dressing up for this video. Whether simple or elegant, all of them were adorably feminine. I'm glad your sponsor found you.

KonicavaBR: This message is in response to the Jew Hate comments:

Arti Lover: Actually this was fairly relatable.

Man Lol: I would love to hear Spanish accents by women!

Rodrigo Reyes: My nigeria niggas got that SAUCE*

Andrea Onome: Yeah, I'll definitely warn lots of people about this channel. Good to know I could get the Belgian girl, suppose she likes me.

Hvad Hvem: She IS equal

Tini I-/: Some of these are spot on, but not all.

Zoio Silva: So the difference between a Danish bitch and an American bitch is.

Seba Fuentes: Okay.a Columbian chick will tolerate a total beta male and idiot? Really?

Omar Saad: Pls do dating an Irish woman

Paulina K: Are Russians dating Filipinos?

Andrew James: France ! but Quebec was still good ^^

Sami Zegar: If that's true, German women are totaly my type

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22 Jun The investigation found that the boy urinated off the roof of his home onto the neighbor's grill. 29 Oct 'Your friendly sexy neighbor girl comes to generously masturbate and pee at your place in front of you, hope you don't mind?' (WMV). From: 2pee4you. Door opens, your cute neighbor comes in wearing a summer dress. You were just about to eat in your kitchen when she sits down right on the table across. 17 Jun Mailing Address: RV FatCat South Park Ct. (South MUST be spelled out) # Littleton, CO Music: CountryBoy by

peeping - Secret Hookup!

Today I Fucked Up is a community for the dumbass in all of us. We all have those moments where we do something really stupid. Share your stories and laugh along with the internet. If your submission does not start with Peeing with the neighbor girl it will automatically be removed. Tell us the full story! Often, stories just need a bit of fleshing out to be acceptable. If your post gets removed for this reason, there's a chance we'll allow it if you work on it a bit.

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You may include additional information if you'd like. TIFU by peeing on the neighbor's cat. Probably 10 years ago, but this story reminded me of this. The house that was the party spot during our early 20's had a cat that was always around. For whatever reason, he obsessed with pee streams. We mainly partied outside, so anytime someone had to take a leak, we would just go around the side of the house. Just about anytime anyone took a piss, the cat would come over an Peeing with the neighbor girl your pee, bat at it, just generally be fascinated by it.

It started off as a drunken accident, but someone peed on the cat, and said he didn't even seem Peeing with the neighbor girl mind. Then it became a regular thing to pee on the cat Peeing with the neighbor girl apparently he liked it and we were young, drunk, and dumb. We didn't think much about it, and this went on for months. We just thought it was some feral neighborhood cat because it was always outside. Boots can't remember actual name how do you always get so wet?

Let's get you dried off again. All our mouths dropped as we looked at each other while Peeing with the neighbor girl sank in. As bad as we wanted to feel, we couldn't help but laugh. We stopped peeing on the cat after that, and my buddy said he raked her leaves for her the next day, "just because" when she asked why.

I still feel bad to this day, but can't help a guilty chuckle when I think back on this. The part that gets me, is that cats aren't shy about running away from water. This cat really wanted to get pissed Peeing with the neighbor girl. Thats what makes it so fucked up. This old lady had a fantasy cat she owned, a cute little puss-in-boots. But in reality she owned the cat that likes to get pissed on by drunk college people.

I'm not a dad! I have a set of those glasses. Now I can never drink out of them without thinking of that: I didn't even click the link but I think your frowny smiley and that URL doesn't make me want to.

Does she have prostate problems? It took her a solid 1: But seriously though, I'm feeling pretty nauseous after watching that. She would have a Skene gland, which is similar to a prostate. Both produce Prostatic acid phosphatase which in high amounts is not good. I really can't tell if the prostate thing is a joke, but it's possible that she just didn't have to pee that bad, or had performance anxiety.

It's hard to imagine Sasha getting nervous in front Peeing with the neighbor girl a camera, though, so I'll go with a recently emptied bladder. I hoped so too! Unfortunately I know a lot of really, really dumb people, so I've come to expect the worst. My current cat has to inspect every Peeing with the neighbor girl the water is running. Even while I pee. Can't tell you how many times she has stuck her head in my stream.

My cat has batted the stream a few times, he doesn't care, he's actively trying to get pissed on most of the time. He's black so each time he's succeeded it's been at night with the lights out. One time it splashed back and got me in the shins and then he ran through the house with his piss-paw. Glad this finally made it to the top post instead of that fucked up post about it being okay because its the cats sexual fetish.

I like how they are all standing next to one another, and none of them have to hold their cocks. Also the one on the far right decided to make a mustache out of his pubs. This is probably my biggest pet peeve of reddit comments, when people use subreddits like shitty hash tags. Hash tagging shit that they didn't even write. This comment doesn't qualify. All they did was describe the picture. I like how the second one has a kamehameha thing going on. How did she not notice her cat smelling like piss for all that time?

Doesn't dried urine have a distinct smell? Turns out people can lose their sense of smell over time, and I feel idiot for not guessing that could happen. My 80 year old grandmother lost her sense of smell in her mid 70's, it's not completely out of the question that she just thought her cat was playing in someone's pool or something like that.

I know that if I didn't have a sense of smell and my cat came home wet my first thought wouldn't be that the drunk neighbors were peeing on it. I had no idea that could happen. Peeing with the neighbor girl cases of smell loss are much less than complete loss but it can happen although it is quite rare. But with even a small loss of Peeing with the neighbor girl you could loose your smell of small things like bodily functions, which could have been why the lady in the story couldn't tell the difference between cat piss and other liquids.

But on another darker note, the old lady could have been in the early stages of dementia. Also pee isn't Peeing with the neighbor girl of those things I have a great reference for.

I know what my own pee smells like and I can tell when there is pee somewhere but I have no idea if I'd be able to tell that's what was on my cat. Context clues play a big part in my "why is this wet" thinking process. Even if something smelt like pee I might not even consider it in this case and chalk it up to dirty wet cat smell. But also OP this is pretty fucking weird and I would avoid telling this story to people in real life because I already have a shit ton of questions about why everyone decided this was good.

Kinda surprises me there were multiple voting aged adults getting together and having a squirt on a cat with no questions asked. Alternate theory - alcohol is a diuretic Peeing with the neighbor girl the drunk piss is almost entirely water and doesn't smell that strongly.

I went to visit my grandmother one year, and when we walked in the door we just hit a wall of horrible odor. It turned out her dog had been pissing and shitting behind her couch, and she had no idea, either because her sense of smell was gone, or maybe it was an early sign of the alzhiemer's she later developed. Either way, I could totally Peeing with the neighbor girl why an older person wouldn't notice. I put a funnel in my ex girlfriends ass and pissed in it then had anal with her.

We were pretty kinky. Yeah you just slap you weewee around stick it in her butt and pee What's there not to get. When I was in elementary school I remember telling my friend Ryan: You pee on a girl's vagina. So funny because I remember sex ed, my friend Ryan is the one who asked the question "So, do you just.

I use to thinking when you came you were just sprinkling pee. So when i first started to masturbate, I was also trying to squirt out a pinch of piss. Peed on my hands quite a bit when I was young. I knew what masturbation was for quite some time before I ever successfully accomplished it. I thought that if I forced it hard enough I would come.

Also peed on my hands until I figured it out. I read a christian youth book when I was pretty young that said something about the urges to touch ourselves when we grow or something like that. Then I though yea I do have urges to touch it, that's normal?

So then I started seeing what would happen, and well I found out what happened. DR learned what masturbation was through a christian youth book. Wait, a christian book said it's normal and NOT that it means you are devil spawn and if you do it, it falls off?


  • Name: Brooke
  • Age: 30
  • Heigh: 5'.9"
  • Weight: 46 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Sex position: Masturbation

  • Films (about sex): Calmos

About ME: I don't like guys with glasses but if its only for reading is ok. Hey i'm a 24yo girl. I'm very laid back, just love to enjoy the company of someone great. I love travelling, nature, good films on the big screen and many other things. Havent done this kind of thing before.

Stephen Kincaid said he could hear weeing from on while eating breakfast indoors his dining room - and is worried it'll give him a compassion attack. An ill houseman has called Environmental Vigor claiming his neighbour 's relentless " sex noises" and loud peeing at one's desire give him a humanity attack.

Mr Kincaid, who has a serious mind problem and tinnitus, says his relationship has splintered down thanks to the amorous pair above his bedroom. He says the canoodling couple can impartial be heard from two doors down, The Plymouth Herald reports.

Mr Kincaid, who travelled and lived all over the boonies when his father was in the services, says he has made a formal complaint to the council about the glitch. I've had to assume a week off in the direction of move out. Mr Kincaid moved into the one-bed flat, on the base floor of an time-honoured Victorian house, with his partner six-and-a-half years since.

He said the above tenant above, a only man, was "as decent as gold", but as the new tenants moved in, along with their three kids, things instanter declined. I've got in the direction of move out else I'll end up dying.

They just don't care.

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Who said petty pedantic piss pot Fetish Hot Women Heels HOOKUP A SINGLE DAD WHAT ITS REALLY LIKE Free ebony bisexual movies Home Made Bondage Devices Wild girl with male stripper Peeing with the neighbor girl The old Peeing with the neighbor girl is irrelevant. She tells you that she is so filled with sexually energy and her bladder is really full, while she just removes her panty and shoes and takes out a vibrator. John Worboys Truth about the sneering Black Cab rapist: You'll understand, as you are a good neighbor. Can't tell you how many times she has stuck her head in my stream. Holy Smoke Kate Winslet Nude Best Born Again Christian Dating Sites

Door opens, your cute neighbor comes in wearing a summer dress. You were just about to eat in your kitchen when she sits down right on the table across you. As she pulls up her legs you feel like you caught a glimpse. As if totally at home, she tells you about visitors at her place and that she needs some privacy.

You'll understand, as you are a good neighbor. She tells you that she is so filled with sexually energy and her bladder is really full, while she just removes her panty and shoes and takes out a vibrator.

While she still tells you that she wanted to enjoy a moment of fun and couldn't find a private place at her home, she spread her legs, reveals her pink pussy right in front of you and puts the vibrator to it. She assures you that she doesn't want to bother you at all, you can just resume your meal. Your sexy neighbor hopes you don't mind as she moans loudly while stimulating herself in your view. You can see her bladder bulging and even hear her stomach at one point. You have no idea what is going on and stare at her.

She tells you that she hopes you don't mind her masturbating on your table. She really wouldn't want to cause you any problems.

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Women really do want guys to be emotionally unavailable? 25 Jan An ill man has called Environmental Health claiming his neighbour 's relentless " sex noises" and loud peeing will give him a heart attack. Trucker Stephen Kincaid , 49, Woman who plagued neighbours by constantly playing Destiny's Child and the Spice Girls has speakers confiscated. He added: "The. 14 May 81% Busty woman filmed in secret while naked next to the window 8 months ago Voyeur places a cam above the toilet and sees his mom peeing 56% Voyeur places a cam above the toilet and sees his mom peeing 9 months ago Hot ass cutie sleeps with no panties on 76% Hot..

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Most of these theories would seem to apply to any kind of victims, not just victims of sexual abuse. So the question what types of victims suffer from this. A quick google search turns up mostly relationship-related abuses, but that's not definitive or even scientific.

#2 Sarn:
Dang! I was totally ghosted! I didn't know that was a thing.

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You are one very sick person I hope you get help soon