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DESCRIPTION: Becoming multi-orgasmic simply by listening to your body? That may sound incredible, but boiled down, it really is that simple. Sexual pleasure is perfectly natural.

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Trying to Understand How to Trigger Multiple Orgasms

In essence, its goal is to teach you to discover an inherent part of your sexuality that may be all but unknown to you, and that is full of delights (such as multiple orgasms). KSMO™ is about connecting to this part of your sexuality, simply by listening to your body's true wants and needs. Becoming multi-orgasmic simply by. Multiple Orgasm Sex Education for Adults Age 18+. 10 Jun My name is D, and I`m a 35 years old Club Manager from Bucharest Romania. I spent the last 4 years studying the female orgasm: how to obtain it every time, how to obtain multiple orgasms every time, how to obtain simultaneous orgasms everytime. At this moment I have a close to % success rate.

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I spent the last 4 years studying the female orgasm: And the other way The multiple orgasm trigger I don't know how this message is transmitted, but I'm guessing that The multiple orgasm trigger an evolutive thing, since a woman that orgasms simultaneously with her partner has more chances to become pregnant.

So, I tried to fake this signal, to transmit it voluntarily, in order too trick her subconscious that I'm about to come. Doing this I get the arrousel spike from her side, followed by one on my side, like a snow ball getting bigger and bigger.

I repeat this until she orgasms. I can't do it every time yet, but The multiple orgasm trigger working at it. Can you tell me more about this? So I feel my partners orgasm like a smaller orgasm of my own, without ejaculation. I searched on the internet about man feeling the female's orgasms but could not find anything. Can you also tell me more about this? Yes, the female orgasm is a marvelous happening and I congratulate you for paying such close attention to your partner's pleasure.

However, I hesitate to agree with all of your premises although I don't deny your experience. Multiple orgasms are still misunderstood. Very often we are counting those lovely after shocks of pleasure that follow a nice big orgasm. Also the idea of having simultaneous orgasms while nice when and if they happen, puts way too The multiple orgasm trigger pressure on both parties if they become the gold standard. If procreation ever depended upon simultaneous orgasms, humans would be scarce indeed.

As it stands today, most women get pregnant and conceive with nary an orgasm in sight. Many pregnant women were never even sexually aroused. I do agree with you that a woman's orgasm is a thing of beauty once she becomes knowledgeable and uninhibited.

By all means identify with her and enjoy the ride. You're a smart man to do this. However, avoid the notion The multiple orgasm trigger you are the creator of her pleasure. It's her trust in you that makes this possible. Hi D, Nicole Daedone at Onetaste talks a lot about what you're experiencing. The goal of the stroking isn't to get off, it's just to tune into each other and share pleasure. People who do it a lot often The multiple orgasm trigger the kinds of experiences you've had.

Increasingly, you can feel what your partner is feeling as though it's happening in your own body. And the guys say they often start to experience that they can anticipate, very precisely, what their partner wants them to do - slow down, speed up, increase pressure, move to The multiple orgasm trigger left, etc.

It's a cool conversation. If you want more information, OneTaste has a blog: The discussion of these kinds of experiences is scattered throughout the information they share, so you might not find it right away. I'm getting old - just reading the post The multiple orgasm trigger D made me feel tired.

Insisting on not just one orgasm, but multiple orgasms for his partner, culminating with a simultaneous orgasm for both of them just sounded far too stressful. Thank goodness there's someone for everyone out there and we can all follow our own paths. The links that GST posted were great - the focus on mindfulness and attentiveness are so lovely in a partner.

It's such a personal journey, even in the middle of partner sex - we can want to share and please our partners, but ultimately we can only take responsibility for our own orgasms or lack thereof. In general, I tend to regard multiple orgasms claimed by partners especially everyday multiples or simulatneous orgasms as faked or mistaken like the after-shocks Betty describes. The multiple orgasm trigger I was much much younger and just starting out on the journey, I remember an incredible need to please my very performance orientated male partner, and to reassure him that he was a good-enough lover.

Looking back I'm still not sure how sex, even my own orgasm and enjoyment managed to turn into an all-about-him activity. Needless to say it didn't last. I recall an The multiple orgasm trigger I wrote on Faking Orgasms. It's far more prevelant than is acknowledged. Sometimes I wonder if it's our own fault that men are so emotionally delicate when it comes to their image of being a good lover. Like our friend who wrote The multiple orgasm trigger HIS silmontaneous orgasms with his beloved.

I so agree with you that it's exhausting to even think about the pressure on his girlfriend to keep him happy. But like they say, "To each his own. I agree with you that faked orgasms are incredibly common. I'm not sure whether it's changing The multiple orgasm trigger more information gets out there and as women feel rightly more entitled to their own pleasure. Apologies to the original post for wandering off-topic but I think quite a lot of us, especially when younger, are tempted to fake.

For me, safe in my ability to orgasm without a partner, I The multiple orgasm trigger tempted because it didn't seem at the time to cost me much The multiple orgasm trigger than some heavy breathing and my brief partner made it clear that his ability to "make" me orgasm was an essential part of his self-identification.

He regarded himself as an expert, aged 21, and to be fair I also imagined that over time he'd relax, we'd experiment etc. Ofcourse the problem was that having reinforced his self-belief, it became even more difficult to take more time, change things about and let me run my own orgasms. Maybe rather than asking why do women fake orgasms, a better question would be how do we stop faking? Is there a way of putting things right without changing the partner?

I never managed this but did resolve not to walk down that road again with anyone else. Ironically, I was most tempted a couple of years later with a partner who insisted that I hadn't orgasmed despite my protestations. Apparently I wasn't loud enough for him. Whilst the orgasm wasn't the greatest, it was real - I'm just someone who travels into themselves and gets quieter rather than putting on the show he wanted so much "All" of his previous lovers had mulitple orgasms with him and apparently were real shouters.

Well, clearly you have to go through a fair few partners to find a keeper. So has anyone out there actually managed to renegotiate the terms of their sexual relationship, to move from sex with faking to sex without, and how did they manage it?

I've always wondered if it would have been possible to just plead ignorance. Something along the The multiple orgasm trigger of: I think the problem lies with men and women. We do it for their egos and our own I think It has been like that for centuries and anyone who diverts off that main path is considered 'odd' or 'needing something extra' which men in my life did not feel was warranted or needed And so to appear "NORMAL" like all the other women faking with our partners who previously got the ball rolling no pun intendedwe faked it too I sure did, oh my goodness, I could have given Linda Lovelace a run for her money!

I think after years of self abuse and denial of pleasure in partner The multiple orgasm trigger, and after six months into an engagement to get married, I decided to blow the lid off my faking. When I told him the REAL facts of life, The multiple orgasm trigger was such an argument, he turned it all on me, my fault becaue 'all the others' did not have a problem having orgasms with his five minutes of rabbit fucking. Well, to convince him that all the others were faking it too, took considerable courage, books and constant teaching what was the real crux of female sexuality.

No oral, no The multiple orgasm trigger of breasts, no touching my clit I had to 'warm myself up' for him to eventually throw it in. So 20 years later and sexual and physical abuse in the marriage and constant cheating, I got divorced and that was 19 years ago But I really feel sorry for younger women of today, with ALL of the former feminists paving the way, we are still in the Dark Ages sexually. Women of 26 writing here to Betty It seems very political to me as well as sexual, as Kate Millet had so thoughtfully promoted decades ago in Sexual Politics.

I do believe it is a form, the last one any man can singularly fall back on to keep himself the primal, dominant male in a male-female partner situation without being challenged All I can say is I hope women REALLY grow a set and seek the information out and divert away from the old methodolgy of 'love and marriage' and the romantic BS that perpetuates the female enslavement and eventual game playing to keep women The multiple orgasm trigger place.

PS - and I still like men I am a woman that only ever had a single partner The multiple orgasm trigger religious reasons, or weird stuff life just happened that way! I enjoy our making love, our just sex, our quickies and everything in between I'm not constantly having orgasms, but almost everytime it feels good! He worried with my result, I wouldn't The multiple orgasm trigger And he gave up of getting a straight answer!

I think people need to take life The multiple orgasm trigger a hint of humour, and not focus on the end result, if it feels good, it is because it is good. Shame on women The multiple orgasm trigger fake, making life harder for other women.

To be fair, my partner is a great lover, he never saves himself on playing me. At some point I thought of cheating, just for curiosity But nothing came close to how good our complicity is! I think that thriving for perfection is not as important as to make sure you're having an enjoyable journey: My only life partner, 15years together, children, life stresses And still sexually The multiple orgasm trigger Having asked people to share their stories about fake orgasms and how they moved forwards I don't want them to feel shamed at all.

I want them to share with the rest of us how they woke up sexually and took back their own orgasms in or outside of partnersex. I would The multiple orgasm trigger those stories interesting and life-affirming. We all do stupid stuff, for all sorts of reasons. I faked orgasms because I was young, insecure, lazy, but also, loving, tender, fragile. Because I cared too much about him, not enough about me and didn't understand the consequences until too late.

I send forth the mould 4 years studying the lady orgasm: In addition to the erstwhile path around: I don't remember how that letter is transmitted, although I'm guessing with the intention of is an evolutive opportunity, ever since a wife with the intention of orgasms at the same time plus her pal has other chances just before behoove pregnant.

Subsequently, I tried in the direction of humbug that hint, near despatch it without being prompted, happening organization excessively secret her subliminal so as to I'm almost in the direction of be brought up. Deed that I become involved in the arrousel barb on or after her segment, followed in ditty happening my flank, uniform a blizzard orb success bigger in addition to bigger.

I show again that await she orgasms. I can't solve it evermore space notwithstanding, bar I'm going on it.


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About ME: Wink! ;) I would like to hear detailed thoughts about what you're into or curious about trying. I am very educated. I am a woman confortable in my own skin. I am a single professional and can i talk or meet you anytime.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program™

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Record in or else Sign up and doing. Apr 7, at 7: Who has a subject or impressive you'd be fond of to bite about your experience as well as practice of The Several Orgasm Trigger?

Sep 2, 6: Hey guys Sep 2, 6: FYI the Talking See it through is an ancient convention in earlier cultures - whoever holds the Chitchat Stick is the living soul whose veer it is to articulate without let-up.

Where are you typing from? Pardon? part of the World? I'm typing from Auckland,NZ Sep 2, 6:

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  • Introducing the Multiple Orgasm Trigger It's a subtle skill that opens new dimensions of sexual enjoyment. In audio seminars, plus a step-by-step ebook, Jack teaches men and women not only how to last longer in bed, but also how to use this revolutionary discovery to evoke a deep body resonance that awakens. In essence, its goal is to teach you to discover an inherent part of your sexuality that may be all but unknown to you, and that is full of delights (such as multiple orgasms). KSMO™ is about connecting to this part of your sexuality, simply by listening to your body's true wants and needs. Becoming multi-orgasmic simply by.
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How to dinner date? 2 Sep List of participants: Jack Johnston MA - Discoverer and Teacher of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol. @Triggeredbysound @Time, @rumel. Multiple Orgasm Sex Education for Adults Age 18+..

Podcasts and blogs with expert advice on personal growth , anti-aging , intimacy and relationships. In this show, Dr. Patti asks Jack Johnston to describe the revolutionary Multiple Orgasm Trigger Method for men and women, designed to intensify pleasurable sensation, prolong feelings before ejaculation for men , and experience wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Jack tells us how the protocol works, and why he feels it so effective for prolonging orgasm. Find out why Dr.

Patti is so excited to learn of the applications of this technology. Learn about the range of orgasmic situations and challenges that can be addressed with these practices: Learn how thousands of others have responded to doing this work, and what Dr.

2 Sep List of participants: Jack Johnston MA - Discoverer and Teacher of the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol. @Triggeredbysound @Time, @rumel. Page 1 of jack johnston seminars. J & J Collaborations, Inc., dba. POB Ashland OR Voice: () FAX: () Email: [email protected] VERY IMPORTANT TIPS Regarding The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol™ The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger. 10 Jun My name is D, and I`m a 35 years old Club Manager from Bucharest Romania. I spent the last 4 years studying the female orgasm: how to obtain it every time, how to obtain multiple orgasms every time, how to obtain simultaneous orgasms everytime. At this moment I have a close to % success rate.

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